Sunday Morning Coffee - March 21, 2010
Consumer Spending...What Business Needs to Know

Big City Ads - Des Moines Pricing

We, like advertising agencies around the country, spend loads of time in creative.  Finding ways to allow our clients products and services to get a second or even a third look by CV_Teeth_Ad consumers.  It's what we do...everyday

But, one of the things we don't charge enough.  Hey...we're in Des Moines, not Los Angeles.  But, if we were...maybe our ideas would fly there as well.  Here is the story:

In January of 2009 we were asked to come up with some ads for a new line of biscuits made by our client, Country Vet Pet Foods.  So, off we go building images and looks and text and messages...some of them are accepted and others never see the light of day.

That's the way it was with this sample ad.  I think it's a first or second draft.  We wanted to focus on the healthy gums and teeth...go ahead, you can click on it and make it larger:

Smiling Dog Ad March 2010 We had forgotten about it until this weekend when the Sunday Des Moines Register arrived.  We opened it up and both Mike and I see an ad that looks very much like our "Teeth" piece from 13 months ago.  However, this ad was done by TBWA/Chat/Day Los Angeles.  They've even done a new television commercial based on the look.  Hats off to Lee Clow their chief creative person.

While it's for a different product the message...and the "look" is...pretty close.  Except for the price.   We suspect the design, creative, shoot and final edit might have cost Pedigree a bundle...we're guessing well into six figures.  Los Angeles ain't cheap!

So, why the post?  Just sayin'...creative isn't a location.  It is a "state of mind".   And, that creative can come from Des Moines as New York City or Los Angeles.  Just sayin'.

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