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Sunday Morning Coffee - March 21, 2010

Follow And Get Crushed...

The other day I was heading out for a photo shoot with a client and the conversation turned toward marketing.  It always's what we do.  We were talking about new marketing and advertising ideas for next year when the subject of "doing things different" came up.


It's an interesting thought for those of you who want to break out of "commodity marketing". That's selling your stuff the way everybody else in the world sells their stuff.  

Same look, same message, same method...same, same, same.  Want proof?  Let's look at just two examples with a focus on television advertising.

Think pickup truck television ads...  Every manufacturer has the same ad...just different trucks.   Dirt, mud, rocks, dust, big voice-over and powerful music.  Same, same...same.

Now, let's think...different.  Here is a piece that speaks to loads of things, think values, important to Iowans from Karl Chevrolet in Ankey, Iowa.  Go ahead click and have a look.  Gone are the flying rocks...back are values Iowans can relate to...

Let's go to finance.  What are you...used to?   Suits, graphs, success images?  Same, same same...but what gets noticed?

Think...different..not local now but national and take a look at this from  E*Trade.


You can follow the pack and get crushed...or be different and get noticed. 

Your call.