Sunday Morning Coffee - March 14, 2010
Thinking of Rob Borsellino...

Money...It's Always The Money...

Not long ago I was contacted by a friend who asked me about a problem one of his non-Money Hand profit clients has.  My friend is a social media expert and he wanted my advice on traditional media.  He was up front and told me his level of experience with traditional media is lacking.  "It's really something I have little experience with.", he told me.

I was delighted...and who might even turn into business.

Here is the problem this business has:  "They serve many 'publics' but outside of one demographic they are virtually unknown.  They really need to boost their public image.  How can you help?"

So we sat down, looked at their website and other media and offered up a single page report on what we thought needed to happen, how they might use print, radio, television, etc.  We also offered a projected first year budget.  It didn't take that much's what we do.

Several days later I got an e-mail from my friend telling me they had to "pass" on our suggestions, "They just don't have the budget.   I'll continue to work with them and help them get their social media platform ready."

Turns out there isn't a budget even close to what they need to make an impact.  So they will put their hopes into Social of the many tools we use in advertising and marketing.  And, a year from now...we still won't know who they are.

There is a reason large and small corporations get noticed. have business and thrive.  And a reason some don't.  It's always the money...