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Sunday Morning Coffee - March 14, 2010

Pull up a chair, a hot cup of "Joe" and let's visit a bit.   Think of this as a visit between friends at the local cafe or coffee shop.  Time for a little "Sunday Morning Coffee".Potholes

Got Potholes?  This is going to be a rough year for 'em.   Over the past two weeks I've read, on Twitter, of at least six people who have had their tires blow out because they hit a pothole.  And, with all the money many of our cities have been spending on snow and ice removal you've got to wonder how much is left to fix craters like this one.  (Note the re-bar poking through - and yes, you can make the image larger by clicking on it.)  Aren't you glad you are not on the local city council?

I've been to Leadville, Colorado, it's one of my favorite towns.  The white chili at The White Burro rocks...or at least did when I was there several years ago.  Now the little town of Leadville is home to a "home-grown" terrorist?   Seems my friends from "the religion of peace" still have an issue with cartoonist Lars Vilks who ticked them off when he depicted the prophet in a cartoon.  Here is the story about "Jihad Jane" from CNN.

This was nice.  The power of Viral Video.  Over the past month we've been shooting "stand ups" for our daily Radio/TV show, Insight on Business.  Today we made a piece from Business Week.'s just our stand up.  But...hey.  It's still pretty cool being right next to President Obama...  Have a look.

Thomas Allen Last week my friend and fellow broadcaster, Thomas Allen, had a story on his show Outdoor Pursuits about the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  It was one of those "gotcha" stories with loads of people and plenty of intrigue.  (Believe me, it's hard to sort out even when you draw diagrams of all involved.) The story resulted in great ratings for Des Moines Local...LIVE but still...there is a question of "balance".  I'm not sure who is right or wrong in this effort but my friend took a side and ran with it.   Did he give both sides the ability to explain the story?  I don't think so....but we'll see in future follow up stories.  This is another example of how different reporting in the days when it was reported, from both sides of the issue.  The media, my friends...has changed.CoOp logo

My friend Steve Young from Bondurant, Iowa was asking about this Co-Op LOGO.  He, and now we...are wondering where it came from, who designed it and how old is it?  Anybody?  Anybody?

The Ku Klux Klan in Iowa?  Yep and according to this story from The Northern Iowan they are gaining strength.  How nice....  A new tourist venue...bring your own sheet.

Why would Target carry soybeans that are a Product of China?  Seeing how, here in the Midwest, we grow all kinds of soybeans.  Anybody on this one?  Can it be cheaper to grow the plants in China, pick them and then ship to the US? remember, the same country that gives us lead paint on children's toys and melamine in pet foods.  Just askin'.

I "think" I've "sprung forward"...  And will now be mixed up for about a week.

Aaron Lablat Our son, Aaron Libbie, turns thirty this week.  I seem to remember "30 year old birthday parties".  But that seems like a very long time ago...  We seem to put emphasis on those birthdays that end in a zero.  Celebrating 55 should be as important as 50 (and it is because that's when AARP sends you a "welcome letter") but the celebration of a new decade takes the to speak.  Happy Birthday son!  This is cool.

We watched the movie 2012 last night.  And, I stayed awake.  That is the new measure of success for a movie, "Can Michael make it past 9:30PM..."

That's it..just a little gossip, a little business and a short visit between friends.  We'll get back to the full boat business side tomorrow.  In the meantime, and as always, I'm interested in your take and conversation.  Feel free to jump in.  To follow me on Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) or @InsightADV (business baby, business) or @RuralLifeRadio (for our love of things...rural).  Have a great Sunday!