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Sunday Morning Coffee - March 21, 2010

Not much of the serious stuff.  Sunday Morning Coffee is a chance for us to sit down and Coffee Cu ps visit about all sorts of things.  We'll look back at the past week and a little forward gazing as well.  Enjoy, and as always, I'm interested in your take on any of the stories.  You can comment below...or shoot me an e-mail.

We called it.  One time Des Moines School Board member Jonathan Narcisse will not challenge Governor Chet Culver in a Democratic Primary.  He will run, as we suspected and wrote several weeks ago, as an Independent.  A very conservative Independent that will move votes out of the Republican camp and will boost the re-election of Governor Culver.  Go ahead...write it down someplace...we did.Snow March 2010

Welcome back....WINTER!   Following a beautiful Spring (Spring was Thursday with a high of 60 and something called "sunshine") we've returned to more "normal Iowa weather":  Snow, Ice, Clouds and Wind.  On Friday afternoon I attempted to make my monthly trip to Mason City, Iowa but turned around near Story City when I-35 became an ice rink and visibility was reduced to a quarter-mile. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."  Come on everybody...sing along!

The University of Northern Iowa beats Kansas the number one seed in basketball?  When it happened I was with eight UNI grads who were...excited?  Bet that game messed up some brackets.  UNI now advances to The Sweet Sixteen.   That and this:

This weekend our son Aaron turned 30.  He wrote on his Facebook page:  "WelcomeAaron 30 30, nice to meet you...the 20's were OK, hey I got a wife and beautiful daughter who can top that?  I think you and I will get along just fine and I sure don't have the fear of you that I did when I was in my teens."  I thought that was...very insightful.  Being an adult is just fine....

Taylor's Maid-Rite of Marshalltown, Iowa has been serving their trademark loose meat sandwiches for 82 years.  Now state inspectors want the business to change how they cook the meat for fear of  boogie, boogie, boogie...bacteria.   Even the Legislature got into the act.  Yawn...

This guy is 52 years old?  The "Business Card Robber", Scot Davis looks a bit older and it's perhaps NOT the FIRST time he's been in trouble...or he just likes the look of orange jump-suits.  Loved the line, "He left with a woman on his arm...."  Romantic, no?

Speaking of silly stuff:  When is it the right thing to do to blast your customer/business partner/friend in a business blog?   Just askin'.  A friend of mine did that last week...dumbfounded.  No I'm not sharing...just dumbfounded.Roxi Copland

Good stuff!  Tomorrow (Monday) I've got the sensational singer Roxi Copland on our TV/Radio show, Insight on Business.  It's Metro Monday and we'll talk about her work, marketing her music, marketing...her, the insane schedule she works and maybe something about  Roxi Copland...with Insight on Business 12:30PM Central as part of Des Moines Local...LIVE.  She is fantastic.  Here is a sample of her music.

Government?  I'm writing this before the National Health Care Reform vote.  Will Barack beat back Sean and Rush?  We think so...but hold on.

Taylor pink It's been awhile since I've shown you a photo of our youngest grand-daughter.  This is Miss Taylor enjoying her moment in front of the camera.  She's 13 months old...OK, OK....  too cute though huh?

Need to push this out of the office.  Hey, if you are in Des Moines and want to remember what the flowers and gardens and lawns were like...before the glacier.  Head out to the Iowa Flower, Lawn and Garden Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds today from noon - 4PM.  Say howdy to Craig and Brian from NatraTurf?  They make products to help you kick your lawn's chemical dependency problem.  Good stuff.

Catch you here and there.  I monitor Twitter: @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or @RuralLifeRadio.  Thanks for the visit!!

Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications is a full service advertising agency based in Des Moines, Iowa  (Greatest city in the greatest state in the nation!)  Well, we think so!  Have a great Sunday!