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Sunday Morning Coffee - March 28, 2010

It's SUNDAY...time to catch up on what's been going on and a peek into the coming week.Coffee Cu ps   It's Sunday Morning Coffee.  Think of this as a visit between friends at the local coffee shop or cafe.  Grab a cup and let's talk.  And, as always I'm interested in your thoughts...after all, it's a conversation.

UNI can't take down Michigan State...but what an honor for Iowa to be represented at the "Sweet Sixteen".  Thank you!

Who is the "New Consumer" and why should you care?  Sorry to start our conversation with a business issue but...if you are trying to sell a product or service and you can't answer that are in huge trouble.  Here is a post I did last week on this subject.  The recession changed everything.  Even if you are not are buying.  Does this profile look much

I have a friend who is a physician in Mason City, Iowa who was complaining about his Internet satellite service from HughesNet.  He said on Friday, "Go ahead and send me an e-mail but we don't get to see much at home.  The service is so slow it takes Rural Electrificationforever for a page to load."  For years I have been beating this drum about Rural Internet Access the unfair costs and economic disability given to Rural America because folks "out there" can't compete with urban business.  This issue is as important as rural electrification of the 1930's & 40's when business failed to extend electric service to Rural America and the government had to step in.  Even then it took until the 1970's for all farms to be "hooked up".  So what's up now?   Here is the latest information on the $7.2 billion set aside to make this happen.  Oh, and in case you didn't see this:  Qwest Communications is seeking $350 million in federal money to take or improve rural broadband.  $29  million to be spent in Iowa.  Report from The Gazette in Ceder Rapids.

Sorry for the just drives me nuts and so many of my "city friends" just don't understand how critical this is...

My bride is doing a business blog called Strut Your Stuff.  She has had amazing success in readership in just a couple of weeks.   How?  In being who she is:  fun, light and interesting. It's about content. Have a look?  Oh, and another reason?   Twitter.  Just sayin'.Coffee Huh

What's the matter with coffee?  Who was it that decided coffee should taste like raspberries or pumpkins, hazelnuts or something called "Santa's Buzz"?  Who is responsible for this craziness?   Last week I was at a meeting and asked if I would like a cup of coffee.  Sure...and this is what I found.  Go ahead, click on it to make the photo larger....  So, where is the COFFEE here?  Yikes!!

Last May I started an on-line experiment called Insight on Business.  It's a daily business radio/TV show seen and heard on  Its focus is on advertising, marketing and consumer trends and it is produced by our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications.  Insight on Business is a tool I've used to sharpen my skills and share with business people my knowledge and insight about this very confusing world of marketing and advertising.  Between research, writing, video and then doing the 90-minute show it takes about five hours a day.  Late this past Friday I was informed, by another host of Des Moines Local...LIVE, that the "management team" had reached an impasse on behind the scenes drama.  55 hosts who are all volunteers and take hours out of their day to follow a passion of hyper-local news and information were informed via mass e-mail that the "management team" had decided to split up.  Various folks were taking their toys and breaking up the co-op.  It was a 24/48 hour notice.  It's also shameful and a textbook case on business immaturity.  After the fact I was contacted by one half of the "management group" that "moved on" and asked if I wanted to continue the show on www.WorldWideLocalLive.  I've declined...too much drama.  I ain't buying the ticket to this opera.  Howver it shakes out...I wish everybody the best.

Its been worth the effort and I'm convinced that Insight on Business will some way.  The information and deivery is solid.  Stay tuned...

The folks over at the Des Moines Register should love this reading?

This week is Passover and for those of you celebrating...enjoy and remember:  "You were once slaves and now you are free."  Freedom has both risks and opportunity.  Choose wisely.

Pushing this out the door on what I am told will be a wonderful Sunday morning...thanks for coming by.  I monitor, on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie (personal & business), @InsightADV (business and @RuralLifeRadio (our love for everything rural.  Have a great week...and we'll catch you back here with more a bit later.