Sunday Morning Coffee - April 25, 2010

A "Paws" from Advertising & Marketing...

I know...I crack myself up.  Let's get right to it.  A year ago I had the opportunity to sit in on the organizational meeting of The Pet Project Midwest.  It wasn't that I had lots of extra time...but it was, and is, a break-through idea that both my bride and I support.  Last night we attended the "First Birthday Party" for the group that now has a location and has been supporting disadvantaged local pet owners by supplying food...all during the recession and beyond.  Here is a brief video.  More below!

To learn more about The Pet Pantry and Iowa Pet Alert (a lost and found gone digital) head over to and you can follow them on Twitter: @iapetalert, @ThePetProject. And, yes, there is a Facebook Page too.  This is really, really good stuff and they are looking for help.  By the way, least you think this is simply passion.  Ask to see their detailed business plan.  Serious stuff.

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