Free Food for Big Business?
Sunday Morning Coffee - April 11

Fixing the Economy - Dr. Flinchbaugh

"It's the economy...and it's a mess."  Nobody trusts anybody, "talking heads" spew out falseBusiness News Key stories as truth and a growing number of American's are angry, frustrated and confused.  Where can we get the straight story?

As you know I've been at the spring meeting of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) here in Kansas City.  Along with giving members the opportunity to socialize the Spring Meeting is loaded with management seminars.  One of those seminars featured Kansas State University professor of Agricultural Economics, Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh.  I've heard Dr. Flinchbaugh several times and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to have you hear some of the unconventional wisdom and down to earth, no-nonsense things he has to say about the economy, why small business is confused, the anger at congress and the political division that is tearing at the fabric of our great country.

Five Minutes with Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh...right after this short clip that sets the tone...


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