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Successful Trade Show Marketing Part II

In part one of our two part series with Tobias Eichberg we learned how important it is to pick the right show (not all shows in your category are right for you), how to get the right people to come to your display or booth and how to figure the real costs of a trade show.

In this second part Tobias talks about how to conduct a successful visitor interaction, what makes one booth stand out over others and the critical process of following up, quickly, with those people you spoke with.  Once again, Tobias Eichberg from Eichberg Consulting:


To make contact with Tobias and Eichberg Consulting head to his website.  And, remember, with new technology, you can have several sessions with him using the Internet.Minimal Booth   If you think your trade show world is stuck.  Let's talk...

Just for fun...I must stick this photo here.   This is Ashok Singh Garcha of Safe Engineering.  He won my annual "Impress Them With A Minimal Display" award several years ago at a trade show in New Orleans.  Ashok came with his "stuff" packed in his pockets.  "Why bring so much?"   Actually, his booth didn't ship...but you have to admit it's pretty cool and, in a way, it sure does focus attention on his...product.

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