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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 11

It's a time to sit back with a cup of "Joe" and visit with friends about what's happened, what is going on and a peek into the next week.  It's Sunday Morning Coffee, glad you came by for a sip...

If you haven't yet, catch this brief five minute video with Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh an economist from Kansas State University.  He spoke to a packed room last Friday about the economy, what is wrong with Washington, why we're "mad as hell" and why the "talking heads" have an interest in keeping you stirred up.  As Dr. Flinchbaugh said, many times about both the Democrats and the Republicans, "A pox on both your houses."   Have at it...good stuff and here is that link.

French Flag Someone might want to ask the 19,000 Casey's General Store employees, "So, how's your French?"  It's all about a hostile take-over move coming from Alimentation Couche-Tard out of Quebec.  (Nope I can't pronounce it either.)  I'll bet the folks in Gilmore City, Iowa (pop. 902) won't think too highly of replacing their Cappuccino with Café Noisette.  "Eh, excusez-moi mademoiselle, Café au lait plus de sucre, s'il vous plait?"  Just trying to help...  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.

"Please bend over sir."  Get ready...'cause here it comes.  Gas prices well over $3, meat prices climbing 20 - 30 percent at the grocery store.  Remember 2008?  Cake walk.  The story.  Now, don't you wish you were a "speculator" too? Iowa flag

I was just thinking...the  flags DO look alike.   We've got that bird and squiggly stuff in the middle but...some minor changes...whamo!  Oui?  And, yes I know Quebec is in Canada....but work with me here.  K?

I've been staying at the Intercontinental Hotel of Kansas City - "At the Plaza" for the past several days while attending the Spring Management meeting of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association. The service and the response of the staff? Nearly flawless. The people that work here, it seems, have been through intense training where they have been told to "...always, in every situation, attempt to exceed the guest request and expectation of service."  That has got to be written down someplace because they live it.  When you stay in a facility for a week you get a sense of the employee culture.  A winner here.  The only thing...$11.95 a day for Internet?   Grumble...grumble....FEMA Plaque

While on the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association...  "Thank you!"  I've been with this group a very long time and last night was honored with some nice words from my friend Mike Lessister who is this year's chairman of the Supplier Section of the association.  Here are several of us, post presentation.  That was very nice...thank you.

Also...within the week we'll have a Facebook Page up for the FEMA Suppliers Section.  The 250+ members of that side of FEMA will use it to communicate what is going on within the section as well as share "stuff" about our members.  People buy from people...and what a great way to share the relationships.

Speaking of Social Media...did you hear that Miller Brewing Company will launch their new "craft beer" Colorado Native Lager by using only social media and some great ways to allow customers to do the promotion?  Here is the story from Advertising Age.   As David Parker from Adayana told the group during his presentation, "If you STILL think social media is a fad...get over it!"  Just sayin'.

Fema ConversationAhhhhh....but can you really use, as a marketer, the conversation of social media to sell products and services?

  Great question and something that we warn our clients and audiences about on a regular basis. While we call it the 80/20 rule that says you must engage in "conversational relationship" 80% of the time and "selling" the other 20% Jason Falls offers his take on why, right out of the gun, marketers make lousy conversationalists...unless you build relationships.  Here is that story from Social Media Explorer. 

OK...outta here for another Sunday!  Thanks for coming by.  Sunday Morning Coffee is another read from our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications.  We'll get back to solid business tomorrow with a great piece on Trade Show Planning.  Why do business people continue to do such a lousy job in the world of trade shows?  Why do they continue to throw money at efforts that fail time after time after time?   According to Tobias Eichberg of Eichberg Consulting, "They don't get it".  Tobias knows a little about trade shows.  He was the manager of the largest agricultural trade show in the world, AgriTechnica in Hanover, Germany.  Think 350,000 visitors...  We'll have that video interview tomorrow.  This is good stuff.

I monitor Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV catch you later. Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising.