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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 18, 2010

It's let's sit down and take a look at the past week and a peek into the future.Coffee Cu ps   Sunday Morning Coffee is sort of like hanging out in our own coffee shop or cafe visiting about...stuff.  And, as always, it's a conversation so I'm interested in your take.   The pot is on...have a sip?

Sir Elton John came to Des Moines last Friday evening and packed over 15,000 fans into "The Well".  I'm glad it's over.  Don't get me wrong...he is an amazing talent and he's been at this for over 40 years.  It's just that when radio stations in the market, in order to hype the concert or feel as if they have a bigger part in it than the star, play one song after another in some sort of tribute for DAYS...  I  must have heard "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" ten times on Friday.   Yikes...enough already.

Des Moines by Tim Kiser In case you haven't heard...  Des Moines ranked as the number one city in the nation, according to Forbes, for business and careers.  (We were joined in the Top Ten by neighbors Omaha, NE and Lincoln, NE.)  They've been clinking champaign glasses at The Greater Des Moines Partnership for days.  So much about this area has changed since I arrived in 1979...and much of that change has happened over the past ten years.  Now the work stay in the top ten. (Photo - Tim Kiser)

Man Fired The economic recovery is slow...for people, not corporations.  Iowa hit 6.8% in unemployment, the highest it's been in years.  But, still better than the majority of states.  While there is some hiring going on corporations are learning they can drive more money to the bottom line, and their to their shareholders, by doing more with less people.  For example, Gannett who owns loads of media outlets including The Des Moines Register, posted a 51% increase in first quarter earnings despite a 4% reduction in revenue.  Meanwhile state income has been hit hard as business tax collections drop.  Here is the story from The Register's David Elbert.  Gotta have him on the show some day, I like his work. 

Hey, thanks to the folks who made the surprise party last Sunday such a nice event.  My bride, Georgie, worked herself into a frenzy worrying about the outcome that came off without a hitch.  What troubles me are some of the gifts I received.  Looks like folks think I'm a "cheesy AA candidate".  ;-)

The Pet Enthusiast Magazine made its debut in Des Moines last week.  The full color Pet Enthusist 40 page publication is headed by Dawn Pieke and up until this month the six time a year magazine, that also has a charity aspect, was only available in the Omaha area or by subscription.  The Des Moines connection is Holly Hartling @DMPetEnthusiast who is also one of the folks with Pet Project Midwest.  It's a good connection.  Two things:  1)  It is a nice piece and for businesses seeking a way to connect with pet owners it's a "no-brainier", 2)  I'm amazed that nobody in this market picked up the idea.  See, where there is a vacuum something will come by to fill it.   This "something" is very cool.

Gosh, I love to tell great stories like that!

Know anybody in business that fails to do a Media/Marketing Plan?   I do.  Here is a very short video clip from Insight on Business as to why and how they are a must for any size business.

It's a social media experiment.  Can social media work among a group of people whoFESNlogo1 (2) think SM is not a relevant form of marketing?  As my friend Mike Sansone likes to say, "I dunno, let's find out!"  So, last week, in an attempt to push membership and interaction for The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association we started a host of SM projects for the "supplier section" of the association.  We're still building...but here is a "first look" at the Farm Equipment Suppliers Network (FESN) and why.

One of my greatest joys is putting people and businesses together and creating a relationship where none existed because one company didn't know squat about the other.  I think I did that three times last week.  It's a thrill...

Say, just in case you think I'm making all this Social Media stuff this article from Advertising Age where Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company marketing chief, says their digital marketing out performs their traditional marketing.  Go it...we'll wait.

I'm so old....    Yesterday it was made known that President Johnson's daughter, Luci Baines Johnson had been hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic.  I shared this with my bride at supper last night and she looked at me and said, "Who is that?"   Kids....

Roxi DM Social Club Speaking of "kids" that's what we thought we'd find at the Des Moines Social Club last night...we went to see Roxi Copland a singer/songwriter who is wonderful.  Really, here is her site have a listen to some of her work?   And, thanks Roxi for the birthday wishes!  You really are a star.  Anyway, we figured the place would be full of young, hip thirty-somethings.  Not.  It was a mixture of all ages, mostly over 50 which was a real surprise.  Along with getting a chance to listen to Roxi I met up with Dave Altemeier.  Dave is the son of Keith Altemeier of Fort Dodge who for years played in the Karl King Municipal Band.  It's a small world.

It was also a VERY LATE NIGHT!  Pushing this out the door later than normal.  Midnight!?!? in after midnight!  We'll get back to business tomorrow and a reminder that I monitor Twitter, @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  Thanks for coming by for a sip...