Sunday Morning Coffee - April 11
The InterContinental Hotel Experience

Thanks For The Surprise Event

Not much business here.   I'll get back to that tomorrow.  This is just a note to thank so manyCake folks for coming out on a beautiful 70 degree, clear spring day to surprise me at the party my bride cooked up.  There are loads of folks to thank and say "howdy" to.   If I fail to mention your's because I am really OLD now. If you can click on each photo...they will get larger.

My bride, the kids and friends did a neat job in keeping this a secret.  I've been in Kansas City all week and returned early this afternoon in time for a "broadcast meeting" with several of the folks working on a new hyper-local news station here in Des Moines.  Little did I know that I was being set up.Taylor IV

So...thanks Georgie you rock!  Holly and Hunter (daughters) you are not only beautiful but also so thoughtful.  Son Aaron and daughter-in-law Mandi brought Miss Taylor to the event.  Thanks guys and yes, that's her.  Isn't she cute?  I don't remember much from my 40th and 50th party but who could forget my 30th.  Aaron was just a few months old.   Sleep?  Nah...

J. Michael McKoy, thanks for the use of Miss Kitty's and for keeping quiet about this.  You are amazing.  Broadcast friends, Amy Main (and husband Mark) were there as was Jackie Joens.  She ALWAYS smells so good. ;-)  Rabbi David Mike, Terry, Laura & Macshoes!  My social media adviser and "Godfather" to the BlogaNostra, Mike Sansone was there.  So was Kate Phanmaha who is everywhere!  Renda Lutz was in the house...she is the sweetest thing.

My friend and attorney Ron Kuntz came in and left a dollar!  Call the Register!  Terry and Laura Myers were there.  My friends and agency client who Crowd_IIunderstands not only business but also loyalty, Larry Moore and Susan surprised us.  From the Department of Agriculture the "bug lady", Robin Prusiner and her husband Mark made the trip.  John "That Video Guy" Windschitl came...without his camera.  LOL...  Chris Haviland from GBL and his boss Brian and Cheri Hewitt came in and that was very cool.  Our friend, also from Group Benefits Limited, Cindy Taylor had her smiling face...and also put in loads of work..was in the place.Michael, Jody, Michael, Joy & Ron

And those CRAZY hockey fans, Michael and Jody Leo, along with Ron and Joy and Rick and Mary were in the house.  You know, we have GOT to all go to a Roller Derby Match with Robin and Mark...they too are a little nuts!  Thanks for being here!  And nice photo!

Anita, Michael, Taylor, John & GeorgieAaron and Andrea Muelhaupt, who are the cutest couple, were there.  It was so great to see you.  My brother Yoni and sister-in-law Anita came in and told wonderful only he can do! And, we even got a picture of us...  Eric Michaels drove in all the way from Grinnell came to make sure I attend class next week.  And, speaking of Grinnell, my friend Jack Mathews was there.  Great to see you Jack.  You inspire me. 

Jess and Wendy Bernstein not only came but brought food.  Always cool!  Sid and Susan Jacobson were there (she brought food too!)  I will NOT share with you what Sidney had on hisSurprise! name-tag.  Oh my....but it is Iowa.  I walked in with Louise Fishel.  Now that is a story.  Remember, I had NO idea this was going on and when I pull up, who is walking into Miss Kitty's?  Louise.  I see her and call out, "Louise?  What are you doing here?"  She says, "Oh, just meeting a friend."  Me, "Here?"  Louise:  "Oh my goodness, it's a bar...oh my, I've never been to one before..."  She kept it up all the way into the door.  Smart cookie...

And the folks who couldn't make it?  Governor Chet Culver, we missed you.  Governor Terry Branstad sorry you couldn't be here.  Sarah, you never answered the RSVP...  President Obama you could have come...there is a smoking area just outside the back door.  I think there were a couple more...but time is getting short and this post is getting way long.

And, thank you to those of you who could not make it and posted some really wonderful notes and messages.  You guys all rock!!! 

It was an eclectic and interesting group and I thank you all.  There were some tears and lots of hugs.  In short...iIt was a hoot...let's do this again?