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The InterContinental Hotel Experience

Those of you who follow this post know that I've scolded some businesses because of their lack of service and lifted up others as examples of great service.  And, they have run the gamut from large to small.  I've always figured that when something goes south...folks should know.  But more than just complaining it's great to find a gem and pass that along.  So it is here.Intercontential Hotel use

I spent four nights at the InterContinental Hotel - Kansas City, at The Plaza.  It was an experience in service quality that I rarely enjoy at even larger, better known properties.  And, I've been to a bunch.

Every staff member I encountered, and I encountered dozens and from nearly every department, treated me...and others I saw them serve...with class, immediate answers, and an open friendliness that sometime is lacking, especially in higher end properties. 

Following a $15 million remodel, the property is in splendid condition with well appointed rooms and public areas.  There is also a "coziness" about the Kansas City InterContinental that other hotels lack.  Private little nooks to hold conversations, a business center that was amazing and meeting rooms that were not caverns.  Here is a quick photo tour.

It's not easy to meet the demands of picky guests or even those of us who are not so picky.  But these folks rocked.  Among the many people I had interaction with the folks at the Front Desk, Melanie and Angela Snyder were exceptional.  An "out of the ordinary" request was met with nearly instant action and inventive thinking.  Thank you.

The hotel industry, like others, has seen some rough times.  And don't think for a moment these people are not hard negotiators when it comes to contracts and business.  But's classy and polite.  Last week I included a story from Insight on Business focused on the leadership style of InterContinental CEO Andrew Cosslett who was featured in the New York TimesHere is a link to Insight on Business from April 6th.  I think he's got a new fan. 

And you know something...when a businness clicks like this...advertising costs go...down.  It pays to do the right stuff...every day. 

If you are in the area...give them a shot.  Combine superior service with excellent location on The Plaza it would make for a great weekend get-a-way or a fantastic business meeting.  Cheers...