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Successful Trade Show Marketing Part II

Trade Show Marketing - Tobias Eichberg

While at the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association Spring Management Clinic inFEMA Showcase Kansas City I made a new friend who shares my passion for doing trade shows...right.  This is Tobias Eichberg a marketing strategy consultant for trade shows and agri-business.  He once headed the world's largest agricultural equipment trade show, Agritechnica based in Hanover, Germany.  With 3.5 million square feet of covered display space, 18 halls and over 350,000 visitors he has the experience to share ideas with you.  If you wanted to compare sites, The National Farm Machinery Expo in Louisville is about 1/4th the size of Agritechnica.

Here is the first of two parts where Tobias talks about the most common misconception of "doing" a trade show, knowing which trade show to attend, the real costs of a trade show and getting people to your booth...


Tobias is Eichberg Consulting and he's got plenty more where this comes from.  Tomorrow we'll focus on visitor interaction, what makes a great trade show booth and remembering to follow up the leads.

To my friends at FEMA both the Regular and Supplier Members, I hope this series is helpful as you make plans for future trade show activity.

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