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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 9, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is a chance to catch up on a wide variety of stories and thoughtsCoffee Cu ps from the past week and a peek at what's coming up.  Think of it as a visit between friends at the local coffee shop.  Sunday Morning Coffee...have a sip?  And, I'm interested in your comments so feel free to dive in.

Mother's Day 2010 - I am so grateful for the opportunity to mark this event.  Mom will be 90 next month and I treasure every day.  It's not like I always have...moms can be a real pain (when they are correcting you...but what valuable lessons...if we pay attention.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!  If you read my profile you know that Mom has no idea what I do for a living.  Last week a perspective client "thought" I SOLD advertising.  Not to worry Mom, you are not alone.

I get asked by business people all the time, "Blogs and Social  Media?  Who in the world does that?"  Here is just a sampling of some folks who blog and what they write about.   All of this taken on Friday during an eventful gathering of Central Iowa Bloggers or CIB, at Panera Bread on University (Panera U) in West Des Moines. 

Can you say "diverse"?

I'm really struggling with this.  My friend and "blog coach" Mike Sansone was arrested during the CIB gathering.  I know only what I read, what was said by several folks at the event (who were equally stunned) and what Mike said to me later.  I don't know...honestly...I just don't.  But I have said to others, "What issues and problems I had or have been facing melted away Friday morning at 8:00AM and in the face of this seem like...nothing."  Heavy heart...

How about a little marketing and farming news?

Unilever just announced that you can now buy Hellman's Light Mayo made with "cage Hellmans Light Mayo free eggs".  Here is the story from Supermarket News.  You think nobody is paying attention to the animal rights movement?  The question for you and your business:  "What consumer trends are you following and what is your plan for responding to emerging issues?"  Maybe the better question is, "Do you know about consumer trends and are YOU paying attention?"

If you know anything about Urban Farming you know it's spreading like crazy.  The driver, we think, is that people want some control over what they eat.  You think not?  How about 20,000+ people going to a Des Moines Farmer's Market each week.  So, if people want some control over what they eat they might just want to start producing their own food.  Even in town.  But...hold on kids...that means city government must CONTROL what you do.  Proof?  Here is the story about what's going on in Kansas City from the Kansas City Star.  Sort of funny when you think back to the beginnings of what made Kansas City...Kansas City.  Hint:  Animal Agriculture...Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe - You know the guy from Dirty Jobs and spokesperson for Ford Motor Company - He was recently in Indianapolis for the FFA Convention and wrote about the Future of Farming...and farmers.  Here is his post.  If you think you know farming or admit you know nothing, it makes for a great read!

I'm wondering why I removed the small space heater from under my's a little chilly  in Des Moines this morning.  How chilly?  Thirty-four degrees....bring back spring.

I'm writing about "Scandal & Dirt" and why we love it so.  Look for that coming your way this week. 

WebCastOneLive image If you want to keep up with WebcastOne...LIVE here is a great resource.  It's our FACEBOOKpage loaded with construction photos and more.  Tip of the Hat to Hannah Inman and KDC Built for their work on the project!  The place is!

Ulta beauty In front of me is a direct mail piece from Ulta Beauty telling me I can buy the Ultra CHI Red Ceramic Hair Dryer, on sale, for $99.96.  Regular price $179.95!!!!   I'm not making this up and up until this moment had no idea hair dryers cost more than $30..  Out of the loop?

Staying on Ulta Beauty for just a second.  Have you been in their retail stores?  If not you owe yourself that treat.  Just being in one makes you want to buy SOMETHING!  Great mood, displays, lighting and people.  Very, no, ultra cool.Tribe Hummus

If ONLY all WAR could be waged in this matter:  The Hummus War in the Middle-East.

I have no comment other than to suggest that not EVERYBODY in Iowa worships in the same manner.  Here is the story from The Des Moines Register

ET_2010_E_blau A month from today our client, DLG of Germany, will be in town for the World Pork Exposuggesting that farmers and agri-business from the United States, attend EuroTier the world's largestanimal agriculture expo.  We're proud to represent EuroTier and thought you might like to see how different "farm shows" are in Europe than here in The States...  Here is the EuroTier website...have a peek.

Gotta heat the coffee and get this edition of Sunday Morning Coffee out the door.  Have a great Sunday and remember, it's a conversation.  I'm interested in your feedback  Stay in touch with Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) or @InsightADV (business baby only business).  Become a FAN of our Facebook site to get stuff first. 

Thanks for coming by and for the read and thanks to the Des Moines Register for featuring our work.





















Pay Up for Longer Commercials...

I've spent decades on both sides of the microphone and camera.  When doing theRetro microphone programing (on air) side of broadcasting it was always a fight for quality.  Better sets, better equipment, better production, better people.  When doing the sales side of broadcasting it was a fight for more money.  Selling more ads, finding new sponsor ideas, creating new promotions.

"Sales was responsible for making the money that "programing" wanted to spend. 

If this article from Advertising Age is correct we're going to see the two sides come together and the cost of doing video advertising will go...way...up.  Go ahead read the story, I'll wait.

Here's what we think this all means:  In a three-minute commercial break, if the broadcaster airs six thirty-second commercials, viewers/listeners perceive there are too Insight Video Crew many ads.  However, if that same three minutes has only one or two commercials viewers/listeners do not sense an "interruption". 

But, there is a catch.  And, it's a BIG ONE.

Those two or three minute commercials had best be entertaining or...the "switch off" is on.

That means higher production quality, better writing, better acting, better, better, better so that the message can be delivered as...entertainment.   Long isn't bad...if it's really good.  (Here we are on just such a video shoot with Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey)

That also means more cost to the advertiser.  Those of you who are, or have been, happy with a station produced thirty-second ad with simple graphics, studio voice-overs and being your own "talent" because it's easy and cheap will see more and more people turn in favor of more entertaining messages.

I promise.

What do you do?  Think.  Engage talented writers who have a vision for production and entertainment.  While you may spend more you'll also be pleased with the outcome.  After all, the goal is to have people watch your message.  Not consider it an "interruption".

Thanks for coming by - Keep in touch on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV here is the personal Facebook page and here is the page for our advertising agency.  (First news, there.) 






No New Customers...

Leave it to our friend Seth Godin to, in just a few words, get business people THINKING...Seth Godin   He simply asked this question:

"What if a rift in the time-space continuum changed the universe and it was suddenly impossible to get new customers, new readers, new donors or new viewers?

How would that change what you do all day and how you spend your money and what you measure?

What if you tried acting that way now?"

Now there is a thought worth having early on a Tuesday morning....

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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 2, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is a way for you and I to connect about a host of different thoughtsCoffee Cu ps and ideas.  It's not all about advertising, marketing and consumer trends, we'll get back to that tomorrow, it's a visit, over coffee (OK you can have tea if you insist), among friends.  And, as always, I'm really interested in your take.  Comment below or send me an e-mail?  Coffee time...have a sip?

When my bride brought this to my attention I thought it was an "urban myth" but we checked Seimans Truck Nazi it out and sure enough both Puma and Adidas, German shoe manufacturers, were started by brothers, who during WWII, were members of the Nazi Party.  Here is that story from OMG Facts.  On reflection, a number of current brands have their roots in Nazi Germany and, during the period, "employed" Jewish slave labor to turn out products.  Some of the most recognizable:  Bayer (IG Farben), BMW, BASF and Siemens.  What a difference time makes...

Pearl Dirty Pearl is a dirty girl.  The "weather guessers" kept me from washing her all week.  If you remember, back on Tuesday the forecast was for rain on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today...  Someday, when I grow up, I want to be a "weather guesser" too.

On Friday afternoon several of us from WebcastOneLIVE got together for an overview ofWebCastOneLive image our new project that should kick off next month. Robb Spearman, Ryan Van Every, Liz Nead, J. Michael McKoy and me in a room talking "ideas".  How would you like to be the leader (Robb) of this nutty group?

Look for more coming your way as an amazing idea takes shape and grows....what a group!If you would like to connect on Twitter it's WebcastOneLive.  And, here is a first look at the website

Yesterday the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market opened for their first run of the season.  It's a tradition that started in 1976 with 15 vendors and 200 shoppers.  Reports are that 20,000+ people took advantage of the fantastic weather (see above) and turned out to inspect and...BUY!  What is truly amazing is this is one of at least 6 farmers' markets in the metro.  Each has their own feel and following.  Tell us about yours?

A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing customer service experience at Christian Photos of Urbandale, Iowa.  The entire adventure solidified why I prefer to do business with family owned businesses even if it costs a little more that buying at Big Box.  Here is that video recreation of the event from our Insight on Business Webcast Page. Michael Bike Udale crop

This week, I think on Tuesday evening, I get to ride on the "Old, Fat, Sick Peoples' Ride" being hosted by the Des Moines Cycle Club.  I don't think that's what they call it...but...hey, just sayin'.  If I'm going, how about you?  I think we're meeting at B-Bops on 73rd near Wal-Mart?  Something about all of that...fits.  For the REAL details head to their site.

Kizzy has learned a brand new sound!  She has been saying, "Where's Mom?"for some time.  Well, much to our...ahhhh...surprise she has picked up the sound of the SMOKE DETECTOR WARNING SCREECH!   We were testing it...twice...this past week and wouldn't you know it SHE picked up the sound!  We are NOT encouraging her.  If you want to follow her here is her Twitter page - @Kizzy_Bird.  It's...a  hoot.

While on "bird kids".  Last week, the 26th, marked the one year anniversary of when our other African Gray, Kunta, flew out of our home and our hearts.  We searched and searched but never found him.  And, so many of you helped.  We met some of the most Jake daddy wonderful people over those three months.  Thank you...again.

Yesterday our son-in-law, Chase, flew in an airshow in Saint Joseph, MO.  I know our daughter is proud of him and so are we.  Here he is with grandson, Jake hanging around during the event.  Daughter, Holly, said, "The Blue Angels were pretty good...too."  Love it.

On a "family kick" this morning....   We had supper last night with my brother and his bride.  Sampled food from "the clear group" and moving slower than normal this morning.

We had this story a couple of weeks ago.  Beef prices are going up and up and up.  If you've got a freezer...better stock up.  Going to see a spike this summer.  All sorts of drivers on this and while it's great for producers...  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.

OK, going to push this out the door...while it's still MORNING.  Have a great Sunday and we'll be back tomorrow with more from the world of business.  Stay in touch on Twitter?  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or @RuralLifeRadio.