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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 9, 2010

Pay Up for Longer Commercials...

I've spent decades on both sides of the microphone and camera.  When doing theRetro microphone programing (on air) side of broadcasting it was always a fight for quality.  Better sets, better equipment, better production, better people.  When doing the sales side of broadcasting it was a fight for more money.  Selling more ads, finding new sponsor ideas, creating new promotions.

"Sales was responsible for making the money that "programing" wanted to spend. 

If this article from Advertising Age is correct we're going to see the two sides come together and the cost of doing video advertising will go...way...up.  Go ahead read the story, I'll wait.

Here's what we think this all means:  In a three-minute commercial break, if the broadcaster airs six thirty-second commercials, viewers/listeners perceive there are too Insight Video Crew many ads.  However, if that same three minutes has only one or two commercials viewers/listeners do not sense an "interruption". 

But, there is a catch.  And, it's a BIG ONE.

Those two or three minute commercials had best be entertaining or...the "switch off" is on.

That means higher production quality, better writing, better acting, better, better, better so that the message can be delivered as...entertainment.   Long isn't bad...if it's really good.  (Here we are on just such a video shoot with Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey)

That also means more cost to the advertiser.  Those of you who are, or have been, happy with a station produced thirty-second ad with simple graphics, studio voice-overs and being your own "talent" because it's easy and cheap will see more and more people turn in favor of more entertaining messages.

I promise.

What do you do?  Think.  Engage talented writers who have a vision for production and entertainment.  While you may spend more you'll also be pleased with the outcome.  After all, the goal is to have people watch your message.  Not consider it an "interruption".

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