Sunday Morning Coffee - May 23, 2010
Why EVERYBODY Knows Advertising...

Social Media...Losing Interest?

You might say we are "early adopters".  Before most advertising agencies knew what a Blog was, we were there.  We started Tweeting and learning early.  Even today, when speaking before 100 business people or 30 our small efforts in social media seem, to them, as if we are light years ahead of the curve.  We're not...but to somebody that isn't sure what a Typepad is...  You get my point.  We just tend to see advance?

That's why I'm already wondering if Social Media is starting to run out of steam.Man Sale

I know that is heresy among those of you who "do this for a living" but it's getting very difficult to cut through your sales efforts and get back to the conversation.  The conversation, that is what we found to be so exciting and new and mind expanding. seems as if everybody is "selling" something.  On Twitter these days it's like one info-commercial after another.  I find myself longing for "Just stopped into the coffee shop and had a great chat with @(you put in a name)."   Yesterday I learned a fellow "Tweep" will put her cat down today.  I learned, through social media, about the loss of a friend and a person I didn't know.  However both issues struck me as a sense of loss.  Can you see what I'm thinking?

There is a way to cut out all the "sales" on Twitter and it becomes a job of constant updating of who you follow and for what reasons.  So, ask yourself the question you should have started with, "Why would I engage in social media?"  And, "What is my goal?  Is it business or networking for personal reasons?"

Being honest with the answer will push up your interest level...and your learning.

Thanks for coming by...I'm not selling anything but thoughts.