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A couple of observations from a person (me) who has been engaged in advertising and Tin can phone men marketing for decades.  Here are some things that bother me, and should bother you, about "Social Media Experts" and Twitter.  My goal here is to simply state what has become an obvious truth.

Buyer Beware- My Grandfather, of blessed memory, was in the gravel business.  He also sold horses.  A family legend tells of a time he sold a horse, that had one bad eye.  A couple of days later the farmer came to my grandfather and demanded his money back. "Bill, you sold me a horse that is part blind!  You didn't say anything about that."  My grandfather calmly replied, "Yes I did, I said the horse didn't 'look too good'."  Spend thirty minutes on Twitter and you get lots of that.  Folks "selling" something that in reality "doesn't look too good."  Or worse, looks too good.

Name It & Claim It- They say one of the things a person should always stand up for and defend is their name.  So, can somebody tell me why there is a vast army of "Social Media & Twitter Experts" who post under names like, "TweetMaster", "TwetMaker", "EarnCash", "SMGuru" and the list goes on and on.  What is worse when you click on their profile  (Which you should do before you FOLLOW ANYBODY.) we find a bogus website and/or contact information...even though they show 50,000 followers and 20,000 Tweets.  "Somthin' don't look so good" here either.

Like She/He Said - If you are in the world of Social Media you know there are legions of people who spend their days "Re-Tweeting" the Tweets of others.  While that is cool and valuable. when the conversation is or information is striking, I think it's important to have an "original thought" from time to time.  It makes the conversation more enjoyable...and...real.

He/She Said - Once Upon a Time - Quoting the dead or the living means?  Honestly, I'm trying to figure this one out.  Twitter is full of folks who spend their time with a #quote hashtag notice.  Again, nice that they think this information is important...but, what is the after day, post after post?  Back to original thinking...or maybe it's a way to get to 20,000 Tweets?

However, for all the goofy flaws and silliness Twitter and all of Social Media can help boost your "word of mouth" marketing.  It can...and we've got the proof.  But, just like anything, you have to be careful in what you purchase and how you engage.  Having a solid social media strategy is critical  unless you are buying...or selling a one-eyed horse.


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