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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning a chance to catch up on what's been going on and a peek into Coffee Cu ps the coming week.  I like to think of this as a visit at our favorite coffee shop.  Where the news, conversation and coffee is always hot...or at least interesting.  Pour a cup and grab a's Sunday Morning Coffee.

My bride and I were talking the other day about how many people we "know" through social media.  Folks that we've never met but can stand around and talk about, "Say, did you see what Sarah said about..."  "Did you know that Jim and Sandy are going to have a baby?"  "What do you think about John's decision to..."  And so it goes.  It's a little weird...but when you think of it SM is an extension of relationships and we've clearly expanded ours.

Atlantic Spring Speaking of Social Media, I get to head to Atlantic this week to do a seminar on Business and Social MediaAnn McCurdy from the Atlantic Chamber called several months ago and we're on this week.  Looking forward to meeting new friends and helping them learn more about the business relationship of SM.  We're meeting at Iowa Western Community College.

I just found out I can record conversations on my Blackberry.  Hey!  It's the little things

About the time we think we're in charge...of everything...along comes things like volcanoes and leaking oil rigs and failed attempts to harness either of them.  Maybe there is a lesson here?

It's interesting what gets folks riled up.  The other day in the Des Moines Register there was an article about a same sex couple (married) who were denied a birth certificate for their daughter listing the parents.  (This is a very simplistic the article.)  What I found amazing were the 200+ comments logged in less than 24 hours about what readers had to say about the issue. (As I write this there are over 500 comments.) And the vitriol spilling off the pages...from both sides is toxic.   YET, there were several economic articles that impact how you and I live...not a comment.  Favorite comment on the birth certificate brew-ha-ha, "G-d hates figs!"

Reminds me a bit about what I tell people about discussing politics and/or religion.  The reason folks tend to get their underwear in a knot when you challenge somebody's political or religious view is because many base their belief on emotion rather than intellect.  So, when religion or politics are questioned or discussed the reaction is emotional.  Or so I've said for years.  Here's an article by Jay Michaelson of The Forward  which speaks the same idea.  If nothing else, it's an interesting read. MPL Sailor Rockin

Some piece of crap human being hacked my son's e-mail.  These people are such losers and the scum of the earth.  Well, next to some other people I know.

We're headed to our grand-daughter's fifth birthday party this week!  Sailor is a hoot with loads of suggestions for how the world runs.  Out of the mouths of babes...She's also pretty good at Guitar Hero.

We're just week's away from launching WebcastOne...LIVEa very interactive webcast platform that is both high end audio and video.  Over the past couple of weeks there has been an ongoing number of videos between me and another WebcastOne...LIVE host,J. Michael McKoy.  Here is his first challenge to a Flip Cam War.  And my latest response.  And then there is this:

Don't you love the accent?  It's a cross between Sgt. Schlitz and Tojo.  This will be fun. Mac's show is about politics & religion from the slightly right (see above).  Mine is on business...with a focus on marketing, advertising & consumer trends.  Liz Nead is on lifestyle and Bruce Stone on left lane politics.  More hosts in the line up as they sign up.  Again, it's a NEW way to communicate and we hope you are there with us the first week of June. 

Finally...Here is Cathy and Hannah (who have been doing all the studio re-model) with their advice...or threat!  They are from KDC Built and are doing a great job!!

Loads of video here today.  Hope you could get the downloads well.

Pushing this out the door.  Have a wonderful Sunday and let's stay in contact here with a comment, on Twitter: @MichaelLibbie.  Thanks for reading and being here.  More coffee?