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Sunday Morning Coffee - June 6, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee - May 30, 2010

Hi and welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee...  Several years ago, on a whim, I started Coffee Cu ps writing about the kind of "stuff" folks might sit around and talk about at their local coffee shop.  Well, maybe some folks.  So that...is this...a random list of things that might interest you too.  Tomorrow we'll get back to business...for now let's visit over Sunday Morning Coffee...

I'm sure that you've heard about the Fort Dodge, Iowa schoolteacher who was fired because she posted on Facebook that she didn't believe in G-d.  Maybe that would have been OK if she wasn't a teacher at St. Edmond Catholic High/Middle School.  She is also 26 years old.  Two lessons here:  1)  What you put on social media sites is public and not private...forever.  2)  There is "book smart" and "street smart".  Sometimes it's best to have a little of both.Khenri bolo

"Sex in the City 2" opened this past week.  I referenced the movie when I wrote the post  "Why Everybody Thinks They Know Advertising" saying, "Just because I've watched the first season of Sex in the City doesn't mean I know HOW to make those sexy shoes Carrie Bradshaw wears."  That single line got lots of attention from women about...shoes.  So, Flip Cam in hand I attended an Urbandale Chamber Ribbon Cutting at the new Mama Lacona's Restaurant and, after meeting Katie...looked at some...shoes.

There is a point to all of this.  First, if you listen the the audio you hear one voice above the Khenri Phideaux others...my friend Liz Nead fellow webcaster on WebcastOne Live. ( We get that up and running this month.)  The other is an introduction to Khenri.  (Go ahead and click on the shoe photos, they get large.)  One of the "tweets" I got after posting my advertising blog was from Keelia Paulsen @kpaulsen who designs...shoes!  And, they are amazing and IF her website was done I'd' show you more.  The bottom line is that her "micro-business" and talent look interesting.  Here's' betting you'll be hearing more about Khenri and Keelia in the very near future.

Just doing my part to promote neat ideas and talent!

Oil Spills....   It's not actually a "spill"...it is a disaster.  Checking the news it looks like this will give folks more juice as they push for alternative energy.  Which brings to mind, turning off lights.  It's amazing the amount of money saved when you simply turn off lights in rooms not being used even if "not being used" is just five or ten minutes.  At our home I cut our electric bill by 20% simply by...turning off stuff. 

Chicago Logo I'll be shampooing carpet in just a few...  It's the stuff I get to do when my bride is out of town.

Did you catch the first game of the Stanley Cup last night?  Chicago over Philly 6 - 5.  It was wild and fast.  An interesting thing that I'd never heard of before:  The crowd at the Blackhawks Arena cheer all the way through the National Anthem.  It's said that "tradition" started during the Gulf War.  Condolences to my friend Frankie Meeink who I KNOW was watching and was engaged!  Congrats to my friend Scott Cohen who I KNOW was at the game last night.

With over 800,000 square feet of office space available in Downtown Des Moines you would think it might be a bargain to move in.  We've not found that...but perhaps the State of Iowa will.  Here is a neat idea from Des Moines Register writer, David Elbert on how that space might be used

This week we'll start fine tuning WebcastOne LIVE.  Over the past 90 days several people have been busy decorating and getting the equipment in place.  We'll do a very soft opening and then...look out.  Our goal is to become an information and learning site for things from business to lifestyle to politics.  We're still adding hosts but this I can promise you:  The quality of the shows and the quality of the delivery platform will be first class

Racine Wind Point I get to travel to Racine, Wisconsin this week for a Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association meeting.  Four times a year the Supplier Section meets to discuss upcoming events, the economy and the state of farm equipment manufacturing.  I'm really looking forward to this trip.  My parents family, after they emigrated to the United States, settled in this area.  I have not been there in decades.  Should be fun.

Snarky Media Comment of the Week:  WHO-TV13 went HD with their newscasts this past month being the first commercial station (My friends at Iowa Public Television have been HD for some time.)  in the Des Moines market to do so.  It's very cool and congrats to my friends at WHO-TV13 for making the switch.  The "snarky comment" came from Paul Fredrickson, GM of KCCI-TV8, who was quoted in the Des Moines Register, "HD is a wonderful evolution.  I'm not diminishing it, but to my knowledge HD has never saved anyone from a tornado."  Jeez Paul, you could have simply said..."Congratulations."

Meanwhile I was asked, as many might have been, to take part in a poll about television station websites.  My opinion is this:  "They are way too cluttered with advertising and look more like a freakish carnival side show than a news site."  OK, so that is MY snarky media comment of the week.Decoration Day

Memorial Day...2010.  Makes me think back to my Father, of blessed memory.  He LOVED Memorial Day, once known as "Decoration Day".  Sure he remembered his friends who were killed during WWII but what I remember was the tradition we had of washing the cars and then hand waxing them under the tree in the back yard while listening to the Indy 500.  Strange thing to remember...but it's true.

Gotta bust this loose...carpets to be shampooed!  Have a great weekend and thanks for coming by.  Remember, this is a conversation over coffee...so feel free to comment or connect on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie should do it.