Sunday Morning Coffee - May 9, 2010
Something to "Tweet" About...

Thanking the Competition...

I get regular sales updates from a fellow by the name of Bob Janet. Bob is a "sales guy" of the "old school".  You remember those days...when folks actually WENT OUT and called on other people, face to face.  Seems a little silly in the world of technology.

Or is it?

The other day Bob sent out his "e-mail newsletter".  Constant Contact?  No way...Bob doesBob Janet it the "old fashioned way".  It's an e-mail.  Honest.  This particular "newsletter" was great.  He was thanking the competition for a number of bone headed decisions over the past year.  Including, "Thank you my dear competition for:

  • Not being aggressive in marketing to your customers and letting me steal them;
  • Cutting back on your marketing and advertising expense so nobody can find you;
  • Reducing inventories so you don't have what the consumer wants;
  • Assuming your customers would stay with you even when you neglect them;
  • Thinking I too would become less aggressive in my search for new customers;
  • Cutting back on sales training for your staff, that really helped.

I LOVED IT!  So much that I had to share it with you.  Many of the things Bob wrote we've been saying since 2008, well ahead of the recession.  But, folks didn't listen and many of them will never get their customers...back.

So, here is to "old school" and solid advice...  Thank's was a nice reminder in many ways!  Now do something with that website...K?

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