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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 30, 2010

Why EVERYBODY Knows Advertising...

I often tell people about my business this way:  "We own an advertising agency which means most folks have NO idea what we do.  Even my Mother has no idea..."  It's not uncommon but this is common:  Everybody knows how to do advertising...  Or, think they do. 

And, they should.  Think of it...   In 40 years how many advertising and marketing Man wine messages would a person living in North America see, hear or experience?  The answer is millions.  So, it's no wonder that people who have no experience in actually thinking or knowing about target markets, words that work, consumer trends, images that call to action and how to present these items and in what format would know everything about....advertising and marketing.

Call me silly...  But, I've seen "House" and I'm not sure I could correctly diagnose an illness.  When I was a kid I watched "Combat" but I'd be a lousy first sergent in the Army. I've enjoyed wine for years...but to recommend to others?  I don't know a Cab from a Merlot.   I've watched the entire first season of "Sex In The City" but for the life of me I can't figure out what designer shoes Carrie is wearing from scene to scene....or how to make them.  

Sometimes we know what we know because we've been trained and we're experienced our craft.  We work at it on a daily basis from all sorts of angles...   We look at all aspects of marketing and advertising from many different points of view.  So, in the end...we can share our knowledge with those who keep an open mind and are seeking success...

Are we ALWAYS right?  Nope...but we're darn close.  That's what we do...  What is it that you do?