Sunday Morning Coffee - June 6, 2010
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Good Stuff Isn't Forgotten

Over the past week I have been witness to some of the best customer service, public Board at Case 2010 relations experiences in my career. No kidding.  Last week, if you read Sunday Morning Coffee you learned we were guests at Case IH in Racine, Wisconsin.  From the meal and service at The Corner House (a 64+ year Racine tradition) to our private Magnum tractor assembly plant tour to our meeting at the CNH headquarters housed at the historic building known as 700 State Street it was a delight.  At each turn we were well received, served well and when we asked questions we got answers and not "double speak".  Fantastic!

Today the National Pork Producers Council kicks off the World Pork Expo.  This event will draw over 15,000 people from around the globe who will be in Des Moines, Iowa to learn, share and buy species related products and services.  It's a large show and lots of work goes into creating this event.  A tip of the hat to Doug Fricke from the NPPC who has the responsibility to making all this happen.

ET_2010_E_weiss Yesterday I was on site making sure some last minute arrangements were in order for our client, EuroTier.  EuroTier is the world's largest all species animal agriculture event held, this year in November, in Hanover, Germany.  There was all the activity you would expect at something like this...busy people trying to handle multiple tasks.  For those of you who are experienced at trade can imagine the efforts that go into something like this.  And because vendors are EVERYWHERE on the fairgrounds...well, it's a huge job.

So, why the set up?   Because the customer service was superior.  From the folks at Markey's Audio/Visual (we needed special equipment for a presentation on Thursday morning) to our friends at Campbell's Food Service  (gotta have food if we're going to have folks) to the National Pork Producers Council workers...everything, four our little part of the show was handled quickly, without trouble and everybody was smiling.


These events got me to thinking about how some businesses treat their customers.  Some think we, the customer is a commodity.  While others (see above) realize we're the folks paying the bills and talking about them.  So, how about you? Do you want to be the "biggest" or the "best".  Good not forgotten.

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