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Sunday Morning Coffee - On The Road - June 27, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is the chance for us to catch up.  It's not a bunch of business or Coffee Cu ps advertising news, we'll get back to that tomorrow, Sunday Morning Coffee like is a chat among friends at the local coffee shop.  We'll visit about what went on, what is going on and a peek into the next week.  And, like any conversation, I'm interested in what you have to say.  You can send me an e-mail, connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or comment below.  Grab a cup and let's visit...  I'll warn you lot's of personal stuff today.  Why?

I'm on vacation...   Well, sort of.  My son, Aaron and I, made the 13 hour drive Mom and Aaron to way up in Northern Michigan to visit my mother, his grandmother, who turned 90 this month. It's been a great opportunity for Aaron and me to connect during hours of "windshield time" and it's been an important visit to my mother, who lives independently, in her own home.  However, it's in a village of 2,000 people.  In all, it's a great time and I'm so pleased that Aaron has come with me.  Where is he now?  Shhhhh....sleeping.

As you can imagine, being in a "small village" there isn't the number of services we get in Des Moines.  While Mom has dial's not going to work for me.  Broadband means fast...and ease file transfer (oh, that's right...I'm on vacation) so I'veBurger King MIhad to hole up in my new office.  Nope, no Starbucks, nope, no Caribou Coffee, no Grounds for Celebration, no Panera.  However, this Burger King has a great, blazin' Wi-Fi connection.  While across the road McDonald's makes you PAY for the privilege of getting on their system.  Sorry Ronald...

Being "on vacation", for me, is frustrating.  Yep, I'm one of those who really enjoys his work.  Love the creativity, and the ability to help clients become more successful.  And, when I'm out of touch...yikes.  I know, my friend Jackie Joens would have something to say about that. 

Mlk_pitts_mpl I'll miss it but I see that one of my favorite writers, Leonard Pitts will be doing a live interview with the Des Moines Register tomorrow and you'll be able to tap in and watch the video.  Here is the story.

So, the Iphone4 is out.  Anybody got one?  Mixed reviews and when you throw in the spotty AT&T service.  Like none where I'm at.  It's an issue.  So, will Apple release to other providers?  What do you think?

Seen the latest series of Cadillac TV ads?  While it's NOT my favorite, I happen to be very partial to the Kate Walsh ads that come out in 2007. And, just you you, click here to see.  It's "the look" and the tag line that sells...   But, clearly...this is NOT your grandfather's Cadillac.  Here is the new ad.

The other day my friend Josh Fleming posted this as an example of what NOT to DO when it comes to creating a website.  Now, I've been to Panama City, FL and while the town rocks during spring break...maybe your website shouldn't look like it was created during that week?  If you have the stomach for it...have a look.  Yikes!BP Indian River

The impact of the BP Oil Disaster 1,100 miles from the Gulf Coast is below:

Been "off the air" from my newscast about advertising and marketing for a couple of days.  Looking forward to ramping up Insight on Business with Michael Libbie once we get back to WebcastOne LIVE.  That's going to be Tuesday at Noon.

WOW...Kellogg's recalls cereal and Toyota recalls Lexus models.  As a side note, for the first time in memory domestic models scored higher in the recent J.D. Powers survey of consumers.  How quickly things can change.

BP Renae Vern Speaking of change,

two of the four gas stations here have the BP logo on their signs.  Since the Gulf Oil Disaster I've wondered what impact this has had on the LOCAL businesses and people who sell BP branded products.  The two convenience/gas stations here in Indian River belong to Blarney Castle a family owned company started by Michigan native, Denny McCarthy back in 1933.  They now have over 100 stores.  My conversation was with Renae and Vern who told me that business has been "pretty normal  Renae said, "Most of the regulars, the people who live around here, understand that we're not owned by BP and we've just got their sign out front.  That's not to say that some people haven't been really rude with their comments.  But, I tell them all, that we're local and we are not BP.  Even the rude people sort of calm down after we visit awhile."   She told me she is concerned and worries about the the people 1,100 miles to the south.  "I don't know what we can do other than offer our support and I worry about the long term impact there and here."   By the way, the coffee was great.

We've found the perfect "Guy Store".  It's simply called, "The Party Store" and they sell an interesting combination of "stuff":  Beer, Liquor, Guns and Knives...oh, and some fishing gear.  We've got to get a photo!!  What a hoot.

From the "We're Everywhere Department":  This week we traveled to Harbor Springs, Michigan a great little upscale town that hosts all kinds of sights and shopping.  Multi-million dollar yachts to $20 waterproof jackets.  We couldn't afford the yacht...but the jackets from Momentum Momentum on the main drag of Harbor!  After the purchase the store owner works a card trick for the buyers.  It's a cool way to engage shoppers and remember the event.  Issac is talking all the time and when I ask him where he's from he answers, "Tel Aviv in Israel!"  Aaron and I look at each other and Issac says, "You ever been to Israel?"  We nod yes and he says, "So, are you Jewish?"   There on the counter was a kippah, a prayer book and a chumash.  On the door a mezzuzah.  I asked him, "OK, counting you and us, how many Jews here in Harbor Springs?"  His answer, "Three."   We spent the next fifteen minutes talking about faith issues and living in an isolated community  Amazing.

Going to push this out the door.  Looking forward to heading back to Iowa.  Thanks for reading.  Insight on Business with Michael Libbie comes back on Tuesday...with WebcastOne LIVE. 










Newscast "Out-Takes" Insight on Business

Monday - Thursday on WebcastOne LIVE our agency produces Insight on Business with Michael Libbie.  Insight on Business is a newscast about advertising, marketing, consumer trends and best business practices.  Our goal is, and has been, to give business people answers regarding the marketing questions nearly every person has, "What works?"  "What does not work?"  "What are the consumer trends that can help me better understand the future direction of my existing business, or one that I've yet to create?"

Here are some out-takes with some guests from our newscast over the past week, just to give you a flavor of what goes on.

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Shalom Rubashkin & Paul Gray

Two things happened yesterday that, on the surface, would seem unrelated. 

Paul Gray, the bass player for Slipknot, and Shalom Rubashkin, the former head of Shalom Rubashkin Agriprocessors, I believe, never met.  Yet they are linked in a way with the announcement that Mr. Gray died of an "accidental overdose" of drugs and Rabbi Rubashkin was given 27 years in a federal prison.

The link is the sordid and vile way in which "readers" of the Des Moines Register react to the stories with their anonymous comments.  The other "link" is that publisher, Laura Hollingsworth, of the Des Moines Register would allow this hate speech to soil the regal reputation once enjoyed by this newspaper.

Paul Gray Gone is any assurance of civility. The "new vogue" of a dying medium is to lower itself to the likes of the National Enquirer and other supermarket pulp...only here we see it on-line rather than in print.

Why?  Traffic.  Traffic gets counted and the Des Moines Register knows the higher the count the more money they can demand for on-line ads. So they allow and encourage what is no better than mindless rants of befuddled, hateful, lonely people seeking a place for their rancid voices.  It's not journalism and it's not in the tradition of this once proud paper.  It's

There is an old story about a man who asks a woman, who he just met at a party, if she will have sex with him for a million dollars.  She thinks about it and says, "Sure".  Then the man says, "Will you have sex with me for fifty-dollars?"  Shocked the young woman snaps back, "That's an insult!  What do you think...that I'm a whore?"  "No", says the man, "We've already established that, now we're just haggling over the price."

Makes sense now huh?



Sunday Morning Coffee - June 20, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee isn't about business, we'll get back to that tomorrow.   It is a conversation about "stuff".  Things that went on last week and a peek into the next.  It's sort of like sitting around a table at your favorite coffee shop talking about the events that might have made the news to "stuff of interest".  And, because it's a conversation I look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to leave a comment, connect on Twitter or Facebook.  Grab a cup and let's visit...

It has been a trending topic on Twitter every day for the past week. It's the Vuvuzeula! Vuvuzula And the Vuvuzeula is driving folks at The World Cup...nuts.  These three-foot long plastic horns aren't too themselves.  But get 50,000 people blowing them...and it sounds, as my friend Radio Bradshaw said,  like a swarm of really angry African Killer Bees.  For those of you not acquainted with the "mighty vuvuzeula" here is a great piece from out of South Africa about the "style" of the vuvuzeula.  And here is a video post a cousin of the vuvuzeula....the Shofar.   Be ain't pretty.  More Sunday Morning Coffee...after the video.

Told you...

Did you see that personal income in Iowa rose by 1.24 percent in the 4th quarter of 2009 compared to 0.91 percent nationwide?  Iowa ranks #14 in the nation for gains in personal income that quarter and #19 for the year long look.  While the spike in personal income here is attributed to higher hog and cattle farm prices let's not forget that those farmers and ranchers buy stuff on Main Street.  Here is the full article by David Elbert from The Des Moines Register.Winging It

The Pet Enthusiast Magazine for Omaha and Des Moines is out with their June/July issue and guess what?  @Kizzy_Bird made the cover and an inside story.  She even did a "book report" about her favorite authorJenny Gardner.  Here she is about to review "Winging It - A Memoir of Caring for a Vengeful Parrot Who's Determined to Kill Me."

I just got my phone bill...$357.25 about $100 higher than normal.  Ahhhh...Qwest?  The really lousy thing is that when you call customer service we get to talk to machines for a very long time before getting to a human.  Grrrrrr....  Taking a look at all "phone charges" we're spending about $7,000 a year on the ability to communicate with folks.  Yikes!PUG 3.375x4

Just received a notice that the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy of Feterl Manufacturing out of Salem, South Dakota is coming up for payment.  The idiocy of the owners hit loads of good people hard.  The company had been around for 50 years producing some of the finest grain handling equipment made.  Enter Randy Bauer and the  The nameplate is now owned by Buhler Industriesand they are back producing high quality grain augers in Salem.  That's excellent news for the people there and farmers everywhere.  Our relationship with Mr. Bauer and Feterl Manufacturing was in the product launch of The PUG ATV and, yep....we got stiffed too.  Not sure if we'll see a dime but you never know.  One of the good guys this took down was my friend Jerry Nichols that was the toughest to take.

But...enough of the happy news....

The jobless rate in Iowa ticked down a bit from 6.9% to 6.8%.  If you are unemployed numbers don't mean much, ditto if you are "under-employed".  The "signs of economic recovery", say the experts, are all there except that consumers are still not spending.   Can't say I blame 'em.  Excuse us but we're still a little jittery.

World-pork-expo If you follow us you know we had a successful event at the World Pork Expo.  So too did The World Pork Expo.  With hog prices and exports on the rise the mood at the expo was upbeat.  Organizers say 20,000 people came out to the three day international event this year. That too is an "up-tick" from 17,000 in 2009.

Happy Father's Day!  It's not a holiday or a day that I've looked at with a bunch of fanfare.  It's not got the stature of Mother's Day...  But, as I watch our son grow into a man and see how fatherhood has changed him  I am more and more excited about the future and the celebration.  Happy Father's' Day...son.

Today is the Iowa Corn Indy 250.  Thousands will head to the track in Newton, Iowa to watch Indy Cars fueled by Ethanol and driven by international stars like Dario Franchitti, Helio Castroneves and Danica Patrick rocket around the track at speeds up to 181 mph.  The major concerns today:  Heat, Humidity and....rain.

Going to push this out the door....have a great Father's Day and a fantastic Sunday!  We'll get back to business tomorrow with Insight on Business our Monday - Thursday webcast about advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  Our special guest, from Mercy College of Nursing, Dr. Joe's Metro Monday with Insight on Business only on WebcastOne LIVE!






























In Honor of The Vuvulzela

I was going to save this for Sunday Morning Coffee but...hey why wait?  The marketing of the World Cup in South Africa has gotten a huge boost due to the Vuvuzela those pesky three-foot plastic horns that make a racket before, during and after the match.  Thought I'd show you what we call a Shofar a ram's horn used for a couple of thousand years.  There might be 15 of these in no doubt you've never experienced the Shofar.  Enjoy, at my expense...

Clearly not an expert...but sometimes you've gotta do something like this for fun or else we begin to take ourselves too seriously?

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Thanks for coming by...

What We DO...

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Watch live streaming video from desmoineslocalliveat

Thanks for coming by...just thought you might like to peek in at what the heck we're up to.  And, thanks to our production crew for the improved video presentation.  This show is much improved over just a few days ago.  We're on day TEN for WebcastOne LIVE and it gets better each day.  Have a great weekend!

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Sunday Morning Coffee - June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is like a chat between friends at the local coffee shop.  We'll visitCoffee Cu ps about some of the things that happened during the week and take a peek forward at what might be coming our way.  Not a lot of business today, we'll get back to that tomorrow, for now...grab a cup and let's talk.

How's the weather by you?  Here in Central Iowa we've had more than our share of rain.  The first day of the Hy-Vee Triathlon was canceled yesterday while the Des Moines Cycle Club carried on with their Ride the Raccoon event from Adel to Jefferson.  Bicycle people are that way you know...

Last week we held an event during the World Pork Expo.  Iowa's Secretary of Sec NortheyAgriculture, Bill Northey spoke about world trade and how important it is to our state.  Friends from Europe gave a preview of the state of the ag economy there and an overview of EuroTier, the world's largest all species animal agriculture event coming up this November in Hanover.  We had ten National/International media people at the press event.  Thank you.  Then, later the next day Jeannine Otto called from the Illinois/Indiana Agri-News group and wanted to know more about how we used Social Media to promote the event, give directions and do a play-by-play of the press conference while it was going on.  Ya know, this "Innternet Thingy" might just catch on...thanks Jeannine.

The BIG STORY from our event seemed to be the finding of this little kitten.  We think not...but it had the Media Center buzzing.  Georgie Pease, Kitten EuroTier Event June 10from our office, heard this loud (very) meowing and tracked down this little fella/girl who was scared and hungry.  Because we found her/him in the Cattle Barn at the Iowa State Fairgrounds we called her "Bovine".   I think her/his adoptive mother, may have re-named her/him and he/she now lives in Illinois.  Could this be a "gift" from Iowa?  Who would have thought we'd be in the ag-export business...

Got five minutes to watch two days in our world?  I carry a Flip Camera with me nearly everywhere and thought, "What the heck, why not video some of the stuff we do here?"  On the video you'll see a couple of pieces from our daily program Insight on Business, some behind the scenes from the Liz Nead TV show and a discussion about a new website re-do for a client.  Just a couple of days in the life of an advertising guy.  Here you go...some fun stuff here.


Did I tell you my mother turned 90 years old this past week?  It was very, very cool and I am so fortunate!

WebCastOneLive image Insight on Business with Michael Libbie has completed the first week of our webcasting efforts with WebcastOne LIVE and we grew a little each day.  It's a real switch from producing the show ourselves to having several producers and camera people.  We're still getting used to it.  One other thing about WebcastOne LIVE, we've heard from some how the image may freeze on you.  Check your Internet connection and speed of your computer.  That is most likely the issue.  That and we're streaming on a pretty high speed.  We  may have to slow down a bit.  We're working on it.

The primary elections are over and the person to challenge Congressman Leonard Boswell (D) is State Senator Brad Zaun. Once thought to be a "targeted race" the Third District we think will retain Boswell.  I thought it would be closer with such a large number of Republicans in the primary.  The biggest question was, "What happened to Jim Gibbons?"  He had name recognition a pot full of money and seemed to be the "establishment candidate".  Meanwhile former Governor Terry Branstad won a pretty easy three-way.  It's on to the general.

My bride loves to paint.  No kidding.  Give her a CD or mp3 book and a room to paint...she would go all day.  Which she did this past week.  I'm glad it is her....

Locally Grown "Cause Marketing"...sorry just a little business OK?  This is when you are taking a product or service and matching the marketing message to a cause or movement.  People build business with this and one of the hottest areas/causes is in "eco-friendly", "natural", "organic" marketing.  Here is a story from the Des Moines Sunday Register about the Locally Grown Clothing Company a new venture that started at the Des Moines Farmers Market.  Now the two owners are quiting their "regular" jobs to focus on this business that a cause.  Pay close attention to the numbers in the story.

How 'bout them Cyclones?  It's a major issue for Iowa State as some conferences continue to grow and there are concerns about the future of the Big 12, the conference that saw defections last week by Nebraska (going to the Big Ten) and Colorado (headed to the Pac 8).  The bad thing for the Cyclones of Iowa State is they are not in control of their own destiny.  Tough situation for them...or anybody.

There is lots more...but we've already touched on many points.  Let me know your thoughts?  Because this is a conversation over coffee you can e-mail me, comment on this post or let's connect on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie  Have a great Sunday...we'll get back to business tomorrow.






Maybe This Internet Thingy...

I dunno, maybe this Internet Thingy might be something to watch.  It may catch on...that along with the "Social Media Thingy".  Here's what I'm talking about: Crazy Alum Hat

Yesterday was the second day of The World Pork Expo.  Our job was to put on an event for our German client EuroTier and DLG.  The goal was to get media people to the press conference featuring Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, a release of a new trends study on European Agriculture and a discussion of marketing agricultural goods and services on a global scale.

We had ten...members of the International and National Media at the event.  What was interesting is that NOBODY from the Des Moines market attended...nobody.  Not the Des Moines Register, not KCCI - TV8, not WHO-TV13, not WOI ABC 5, not The Big Show at WHO Radio.  We were disappointed but not surprised.  Agriculture only amounts to $24 billion in exports for Iowa.  And, yes, we personally invited each of the above both in hard copy and via e-mail.

The REAL story here is how those attending communicated for the event.  98% was done through Twitter with the hashtag #WPX10 which means World Pork Expo 2010.  Directions were given, news tips were given and a "play-by-play" update during the event.  Very, very cool

Then, later in the day my friend Liz Nead was in a pickle.  She was to have taped a segment on networking for her show on KCWI 23 at Valley Junction during the farmers market.  However, the weather was threatening so she contacted me to seek another venue.  In just minutes we made contact (through Twitter) with the National Pork Producers Council and arranged for the film crew, staff and cast to use facilities at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  With a side blessing by our friend Gary Slater the State Fair Manager.  Gary and I had a fantastic conversation about state fairs in many parts of the Midwest...later in the day.

Two media events resulting in loads of good will and publicity for our friends...and most of it done using...Twitter with some texting thrown in.  Thank you to everybody that helped and worked on these two events yesterday.  YOU ALL ROCK!!

Maybe we're on to something...ya think?

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Good Stuff Isn't Forgotten

Over the past week I have been witness to some of the best customer service, public Board at Case 2010 relations experiences in my career. No kidding.  Last week, if you read Sunday Morning Coffee you learned we were guests at Case IH in Racine, Wisconsin.  From the meal and service at The Corner House (a 64+ year Racine tradition) to our private Magnum tractor assembly plant tour to our meeting at the CNH headquarters housed at the historic building known as 700 State Street it was a delight.  At each turn we were well received, served well and when we asked questions we got answers and not "double speak".  Fantastic!

Today the National Pork Producers Council kicks off the World Pork Expo.  This event will draw over 15,000 people from around the globe who will be in Des Moines, Iowa to learn, share and buy species related products and services.  It's a large show and lots of work goes into creating this event.  A tip of the hat to Doug Fricke from the NPPC who has the responsibility to making all this happen.

ET_2010_E_weiss Yesterday I was on site making sure some last minute arrangements were in order for our client, EuroTier.  EuroTier is the world's largest all species animal agriculture event held, this year in November, in Hanover, Germany.  There was all the activity you would expect at something like this...busy people trying to handle multiple tasks.  For those of you who are experienced at trade can imagine the efforts that go into something like this.  And because vendors are EVERYWHERE on the fairgrounds...well, it's a huge job.

So, why the set up?   Because the customer service was superior.  From the folks at Markey's Audio/Visual (we needed special equipment for a presentation on Thursday morning) to our friends at Campbell's Food Service  (gotta have food if we're going to have folks) to the National Pork Producers Council workers...everything, four our little part of the show was handled quickly, without trouble and everybody was smiling.


These events got me to thinking about how some businesses treat their customers.  Some think we, the customer is a commodity.  While others (see above) realize we're the folks paying the bills and talking about them.  So, how about you? Do you want to be the "biggest" or the "best".  Good not forgotten.

Let's connect on Twitter?  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or @RuralLifeRadio thanks for coming by!


Sunday Morning Coffee - June 6, 2010

It's Sunday...the start of a new week and a time when friends can sit around together and Coffee Cu ps talk about what went on...and what just might fill the coming week.  That's Sunday Morning Coffee.  Grab a cup and let me share some thoughts with you.  And, because it's a conversation you get to join in too.  Feel free to comment in the comment section...or if you don't want anybody else to listen can always send me an e-mail.  Let's start sippin'.

My Mother will be 90 years old, G-d willing, in just a few days.  I know...I am so blessed.  We get to talk several times a week and while I was in Wisconsin last week I made sure to take some video and stills of "the old home place".  Can't wait to show her.

Israel No Israel MapI usually don't do politics...  That's because most people make up their mind about their political ideas based on emotion and not knowledge.  In other words, they don't know squat.   Last week Israel boarded and stopped a ship headed to Gaza on a "peace mission".  Sadly, several people were killed and many more, including Israelis, were injured.  The problem was...the "flotilla" was a political statement more than a humanitarian gesture.  And, if you are honest with yourself you know that to be true.  Many times Israel warned the "peace ships" that they were subject to boarding and that they should dock at Ashdod where the cargo, once inspected, would be sent on to Gaza the same as millions of tons of supplies have been distributed.  But no...the warnings were ignored and Israel acted... As she must.  This is a war that has been going on since 1948.  Israel is in a fight for her existence as a state something her neighbors still don't recognize as evidenced by the map used in school books that fail to even mention Israel.

Then, CNN reports that a number of people were killed with "head shots" as if to say...what?   US and Israeli commandos are given the three shot drill.  One to the head and two to the body. 

I hate to be so blunt but I'm a little cranky this morning.

This just in:  "We Con The World" video.  Even if it takes this to get the point across.

Here is a surprise...  I traveled to Racine this past week and went through Illinois taking the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollroad (fitting or ironic?).  I encountered four (4) toll workers along the way.  Each one was polite and had a positive personality during our brief exchange.  It was not expected.  Somebody been doing some customer service training?  Very cool!Case 700 State

Why Racine?  I was there for a meeting of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association Supplier Board of Governors.  Mike Lessiter, of Lessiter Publications, set up the meetings, and a visit to the Case IH production facility that makes the Magnum line of tractors.  We held our meeting at the Case - New Holland headquarters at 700 State Street.  The building, finished in 1905 at a cost of roughly $200,000, is a beauty and patterned after the old Boston Public Library.  We were warmly welcomed and a huge thank you to the folks at Case IH.  Nicely done.  Here is a quick overview written by the Chairman of the Supplier Section, Mike Lessiter.

Andrew Gary Bob Racine A couple of thoughts about the private Magnum tractor factory tour led by "Bob" a 35+ year employee seen here with Andrew Novetzke and Gary Esterling (of our group).  These people were amazing.  Greeting us at the plant was Karen Evenson the manager of finance (nope, not a PR person) what a delight.  She took time from her day to make us feel welcome and share business and personal stories.  Nice.  Along the tour we had the chance to visit with some of the 450 employees who make the tractors.  They all shared their stories, answered questions and were interested in who we were and what we thought about their work.  The plant was super clean, organized and, for a factory, quiet.  Prior to automation the plant employed nearly 4,500.  And, as a side note:  My grandfather helped organize the union at JI Case over 75 years ago, my mother worked in the offices and my cousin at another facility.  In a way...old home week. Case Bike

One other tiny and personal item.  While on the tour I spotted this vehicle.  I had not seen one like it for over 45 years.  My father worked for Ford Motor Company in Detroit where the supervisors would ride bicycles like this through the plant.  I think his was painted blue.  It was like a rush back to the Wixom Assembly Plant, now closed, where Ford made the Lincoln Continental and the Ford Thunderbird.  Thanks for the memory.

Vote In a few days there will be a primary here in Iowa.  The Republicans will nominate former Governor Terry Branstad to challenge Governor Chet Culver.  The "right wing" of the Republican party will be outraged and will seek a third party or independent candidate and Mr. Culver will win re-election in November.  On the US Senate, Roxanne Conlin will be picked to go against senior senator Chuck Grassley.  Grassley will win...again.  Brad Zaun will be chosen, at the convention, to challenge Congressman Leonard Boswell and Boswell will be re-elected in the 3rd District.  Other races also look good for sitting incumbents even though this is supposed to be an "anti-incumbent" election.  Just a guess....what do you think?

Today, at 11:00AM I think I'm on the Liz Nead television show, Nead Inspiration.  We've been doing some taping over the past week.  The segment is on networking and airs on KCWI 23 in Des Moines.

WebCastOneLive image Talking about media.  My vacation is over.  Insight on Business returns starting Monday at 12:30PM Central on WebcastOne LIVE.  Over the past 90 days Robb Spearman and J. Michael McKoy have been working on a new platform to deliver timely news and information via webcasting.  The studios have been re-designed and the delivery system is enhanced.  This should be fun.  You'll be able to learn more on our Insight on Business Blog later today.

Gotta push this out the door.  Thanks for reading and as always, I am interested in your take.  Join me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie.  Have a great week!