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Sunday Morning Coffee - June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is like a chat between friends at the local coffee shop.  We'll visitCoffee Cu ps about some of the things that happened during the week and take a peek forward at what might be coming our way.  Not a lot of business today, we'll get back to that tomorrow, for now...grab a cup and let's talk.

How's the weather by you?  Here in Central Iowa we've had more than our share of rain.  The first day of the Hy-Vee Triathlon was canceled yesterday while the Des Moines Cycle Club carried on with their Ride the Raccoon event from Adel to Jefferson.  Bicycle people are that way you know...

Last week we held an event during the World Pork Expo.  Iowa's Secretary of Sec NortheyAgriculture, Bill Northey spoke about world trade and how important it is to our state.  Friends from Europe gave a preview of the state of the ag economy there and an overview of EuroTier, the world's largest all species animal agriculture event coming up this November in Hanover.  We had ten National/International media people at the press event.  Thank you.  Then, later the next day Jeannine Otto called from the Illinois/Indiana Agri-News group and wanted to know more about how we used Social Media to promote the event, give directions and do a play-by-play of the press conference while it was going on.  Ya know, this "Innternet Thingy" might just catch on...thanks Jeannine.

The BIG STORY from our event seemed to be the finding of this little kitten.  We think not...but it had the Media Center buzzing.  Georgie Pease, Kitten EuroTier Event June 10from our office, heard this loud (very) meowing and tracked down this little fella/girl who was scared and hungry.  Because we found her/him in the Cattle Barn at the Iowa State Fairgrounds we called her "Bovine".   I think her/his adoptive mother, may have re-named her/him and he/she now lives in Illinois.  Could this be a "gift" from Iowa?  Who would have thought we'd be in the ag-export business...

Got five minutes to watch two days in our world?  I carry a Flip Camera with me nearly everywhere and thought, "What the heck, why not video some of the stuff we do here?"  On the video you'll see a couple of pieces from our daily program Insight on Business, some behind the scenes from the Liz Nead TV show and a discussion about a new website re-do for a client.  Just a couple of days in the life of an advertising guy.  Here you go...some fun stuff here.


Did I tell you my mother turned 90 years old this past week?  It was very, very cool and I am so fortunate!

WebCastOneLive image Insight on Business with Michael Libbie has completed the first week of our webcasting efforts with WebcastOne LIVE and we grew a little each day.  It's a real switch from producing the show ourselves to having several producers and camera people.  We're still getting used to it.  One other thing about WebcastOne LIVE, we've heard from some how the image may freeze on you.  Check your Internet connection and speed of your computer.  That is most likely the issue.  That and we're streaming on a pretty high speed.  We  may have to slow down a bit.  We're working on it.

The primary elections are over and the person to challenge Congressman Leonard Boswell (D) is State Senator Brad Zaun. Once thought to be a "targeted race" the Third District we think will retain Boswell.  I thought it would be closer with such a large number of Republicans in the primary.  The biggest question was, "What happened to Jim Gibbons?"  He had name recognition a pot full of money and seemed to be the "establishment candidate".  Meanwhile former Governor Terry Branstad won a pretty easy three-way.  It's on to the general.

My bride loves to paint.  No kidding.  Give her a CD or mp3 book and a room to paint...she would go all day.  Which she did this past week.  I'm glad it is her....

Locally Grown "Cause Marketing"...sorry just a little business OK?  This is when you are taking a product or service and matching the marketing message to a cause or movement.  People build business with this and one of the hottest areas/causes is in "eco-friendly", "natural", "organic" marketing.  Here is a story from the Des Moines Sunday Register about the Locally Grown Clothing Company a new venture that started at the Des Moines Farmers Market.  Now the two owners are quiting their "regular" jobs to focus on this business that a cause.  Pay close attention to the numbers in the story.

How 'bout them Cyclones?  It's a major issue for Iowa State as some conferences continue to grow and there are concerns about the future of the Big 12, the conference that saw defections last week by Nebraska (going to the Big Ten) and Colorado (headed to the Pac 8).  The bad thing for the Cyclones of Iowa State is they are not in control of their own destiny.  Tough situation for them...or anybody.

There is lots more...but we've already touched on many points.  Let me know your thoughts?  Because this is a conversation over coffee you can e-mail me, comment on this post or let's connect on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie  Have a great Sunday...we'll get back to business tomorrow.