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Sunday Morning Coffee - On The Road - June 27, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is the chance for us to catch up.  It's not a bunch of business or Coffee Cu ps advertising news, we'll get back to that tomorrow, Sunday Morning Coffee like is a chat among friends at the local coffee shop.  We'll visit about what went on, what is going on and a peek into the next week.  And, like any conversation, I'm interested in what you have to say.  You can send me an e-mail, connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or comment below.  Grab a cup and let's visit...  I'll warn you lot's of personal stuff today.  Why?

I'm on vacation...   Well, sort of.  My son, Aaron and I, made the 13 hour drive Mom and Aaron to way up in Northern Michigan to visit my mother, his grandmother, who turned 90 this month. It's been a great opportunity for Aaron and me to connect during hours of "windshield time" and it's been an important visit to my mother, who lives independently, in her own home.  However, it's in a village of 2,000 people.  In all, it's a great time and I'm so pleased that Aaron has come with me.  Where is he now?  Shhhhh....sleeping.

As you can imagine, being in a "small village" there isn't the number of services we get in Des Moines.  While Mom has dial's not going to work for me.  Broadband means fast...and ease file transfer (oh, that's right...I'm on vacation) so I'veBurger King MIhad to hole up in my new office.  Nope, no Starbucks, nope, no Caribou Coffee, no Grounds for Celebration, no Panera.  However, this Burger King has a great, blazin' Wi-Fi connection.  While across the road McDonald's makes you PAY for the privilege of getting on their system.  Sorry Ronald...

Being "on vacation", for me, is frustrating.  Yep, I'm one of those who really enjoys his work.  Love the creativity, and the ability to help clients become more successful.  And, when I'm out of touch...yikes.  I know, my friend Jackie Joens would have something to say about that. 

Mlk_pitts_mpl I'll miss it but I see that one of my favorite writers, Leonard Pitts will be doing a live interview with the Des Moines Register tomorrow and you'll be able to tap in and watch the video.  Here is the story.

So, the Iphone4 is out.  Anybody got one?  Mixed reviews and when you throw in the spotty AT&T service.  Like none where I'm at.  It's an issue.  So, will Apple release to other providers?  What do you think?

Seen the latest series of Cadillac TV ads?  While it's NOT my favorite, I happen to be very partial to the Kate Walsh ads that come out in 2007. And, just you you, click here to see.  It's "the look" and the tag line that sells...   But, clearly...this is NOT your grandfather's Cadillac.  Here is the new ad.

The other day my friend Josh Fleming posted this as an example of what NOT to DO when it comes to creating a website.  Now, I've been to Panama City, FL and while the town rocks during spring break...maybe your website shouldn't look like it was created during that week?  If you have the stomach for it...have a look.  Yikes!BP Indian River

The impact of the BP Oil Disaster 1,100 miles from the Gulf Coast is below:

Been "off the air" from my newscast about advertising and marketing for a couple of days.  Looking forward to ramping up Insight on Business with Michael Libbie once we get back to WebcastOne LIVE.  That's going to be Tuesday at Noon.

WOW...Kellogg's recalls cereal and Toyota recalls Lexus models.  As a side note, for the first time in memory domestic models scored higher in the recent J.D. Powers survey of consumers.  How quickly things can change.

BP Renae Vern Speaking of change,

two of the four gas stations here have the BP logo on their signs.  Since the Gulf Oil Disaster I've wondered what impact this has had on the LOCAL businesses and people who sell BP branded products.  The two convenience/gas stations here in Indian River belong to Blarney Castle a family owned company started by Michigan native, Denny McCarthy back in 1933.  They now have over 100 stores.  My conversation was with Renae and Vern who told me that business has been "pretty normal  Renae said, "Most of the regulars, the people who live around here, understand that we're not owned by BP and we've just got their sign out front.  That's not to say that some people haven't been really rude with their comments.  But, I tell them all, that we're local and we are not BP.  Even the rude people sort of calm down after we visit awhile."   She told me she is concerned and worries about the the people 1,100 miles to the south.  "I don't know what we can do other than offer our support and I worry about the long term impact there and here."   By the way, the coffee was great.

We've found the perfect "Guy Store".  It's simply called, "The Party Store" and they sell an interesting combination of "stuff":  Beer, Liquor, Guns and Knives...oh, and some fishing gear.  We've got to get a photo!!  What a hoot.

From the "We're Everywhere Department":  This week we traveled to Harbor Springs, Michigan a great little upscale town that hosts all kinds of sights and shopping.  Multi-million dollar yachts to $20 waterproof jackets.  We couldn't afford the yacht...but the jackets from Momentum Momentum on the main drag of Harbor!  After the purchase the store owner works a card trick for the buyers.  It's a cool way to engage shoppers and remember the event.  Issac is talking all the time and when I ask him where he's from he answers, "Tel Aviv in Israel!"  Aaron and I look at each other and Issac says, "You ever been to Israel?"  We nod yes and he says, "So, are you Jewish?"   There on the counter was a kippah, a prayer book and a chumash.  On the door a mezzuzah.  I asked him, "OK, counting you and us, how many Jews here in Harbor Springs?"  His answer, "Three."   We spent the next fifteen minutes talking about faith issues and living in an isolated community  Amazing.

Going to push this out the door.  Looking forward to heading back to Iowa.  Thanks for reading.  Insight on Business with Michael Libbie comes back on Tuesday...with WebcastOne LIVE.