Sunday Morning Coffee - June 13, 2010
In Honor of The Vuvulzela

What We DO...

We spend about four to five hours a day working on Insight on Business, our daily newscast about advertising, marketing and consumer trends. It goes live to the world from WebcastOne LIVE Monday -- Thursday starting at 12:30PM Central.  For nearly 90 minutes I get to visit with experts, small business people, and share ideas and tips that will help your business not only survive...but thrive in this economy or any.  Here is a sample of our show from yesterday.

Watch live streaming video from desmoineslocalliveat

Thanks for coming by...just thought you might like to peek in at what the heck we're up to.  And, thanks to our production crew for the improved video presentation.  This show is much improved over just a few days ago.  We're on day TEN for WebcastOne LIVE and it gets better each day.  Have a great weekend!

If you want to connect using Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV