Five Things Business People Should Know
Sunday Morning Coffee - August 1, 2010

An Advertising Lesson

Each week on our news/webcast Insight on Business with Michael Libbie we present "The Worst Ad of the Week".  It is NOT an effort to cause anybody embarrassment.  It IS aWorst Ad July 29 teachable moment for the far too many business people who "think" they"know" how to market themselves.  Our goal here is to show you what you shouldn't be doing and give constructive ways to change. 

That being said...our winner this week is Rockstar Satellite, we think, of Des Moines.  My son, Aaron, was the first to see this ad in a program booklet for the Iowa Barnstormers.  Go ahead, click on the image to increase the size.

Here are the issues and the fix:

  • The Logo -  No it isn't Rockstar Energy Drink...but close.   Maybe too close?Rockstar-logo
  • Image Silly - When you look at the ad the images that "pop" are the skull and dice and money.  Wasted space...we think and are they critical to the ad?  We think not.
  • Lost Focus -  We've got "too much" information.  Usually folks that do ads like this expect the ad to actually "sell" something.  It ends up in brain overload.
  • Contact information- Buried at the bottom.  Actually, until we scanned the image for the show yesterday we didn't think there was any contact info.  Only when we were looking at it close for the crop... "OH!  There it is!"
  • Image Quality-  If you are going to use images for your ads (and we think you should) use images that are not fuzzy and images that are correctly photoshoped so you can't see the "ghosting" around the ads.

Finally - What is the ad trying to do?  Again, too many choices we've got three or four messages here.  Don't confuse the consumer. 

Bottom line...would you buy something from this advertiser?   Maybe if your target market is male, 18 - 25, rockin' bikers who like to gamble.  That's the brand message I'm getting.

When advertising where you advertise is important but of equal importance is the quality of the ad and what it says about your brand....and maybe we've pegged the brand correctly?

Thanks for coming by.