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Sunday Morning Coffee - July 4, 2010

Central Iowa Bloggers (Video)

The first Friday of the month, started early in the morning, people begin to gather at Panera Bread on University in West Des Moines for the regular 'meeting' of the Central Iowa Bloggers.  It's not really a "meeting", there is no agenda, it's just a chance for folks to meet and share ideas and trends outside of the digital world.  Here is a really short video from this morning.


That was Kayla Craig from The Des Moines Register who is the Business Mobile Lori Murga Journalist visiting with Lori Murga a glass artist from Just Beadiful.  Check her social media designs!

Also met first time CIB attendees Charlie Ahern from California, Johnny Craig now from Des Moines and Robert Hidajat from Ames.  And, of course, there were many of the usual suspects.  If you've got an interest in networking with those of us who take business blogging seriously...come on by.  Even if we're not all that serious.

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