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Sunday Morning Coffee - July 4, 2010

Sunday Morning AND the Fourth of July...must mean a "special" Sunday Morning Coffee Cu ps Coffee.  Thanks for coming by for a visit about loads of different things that went on last week and a peek into this week.  It's sort of like sharing a conversation at our favorite coffee shop...but here we build our own.  So, grab a cup and let's visit?  And, because it's a conversation I'm interested in your thoughts.  Comment below, reach me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or send me an e-mail.   And, yes, we've got one of those Facebook Thingys so let's connect.   Ready?   Let's go..

We call it "Our Birthday" and folks will celebrate the event in Taylor Yankee Doodle heart fireworks many different ways.  For us the Fourth of July kicked off last Thursday with the Des Moines Symphony and the Yankee Doodle Pops free concert at the state capital.  We were there with friends and family to listen and enjoy the music and the spoken word of Simon Estes...what a voice.  Our kids, Aaron, Mandi and grand-daughter Taylor came for the first time and loved it.  She was doing the "ohhhh" and "ahhhh" and squealing all the way through the fireworks.  Very neat.  (Go ahead and click on the photo.  How cute...or is that just Zaydee talking?)

Here is hoping you have a meaningful holiday.  For a sample of a Business Blog that really did a neat piece on today, have a look at Strut Your Stuff.  Nicely done.Flag water tower

When I think of the Fourth of July I think about the First Amendment and how grateful I am that I can, without fear, write and report about the news.  In addition as a member of a minority religion...  You get the idea:   "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I found this...weird. Last Friday I received this pdf "newsletter" from The Des Moines Radio Group in my e-mail.  I'm not critical of the effort but I was surprised with the content.  You mean people have to be told what to wear in a business casual atmosphere?  Really?  I sent an e-mail back to Michelle McKinzey, who sent me the newsletter and asked.  She said, "In regards to your question, with a lot of younger workers entering the workforce, there are some issues with employers when it comes to dress codes.  We thought this topic would be relatable [sic] to everyone - both employees Man Doubtand employers for just this reason."   Yikes...really?  The world is in worse shape than I thought.  However, remember...I'm, old.

Speaking of "old" Friday Morning was the regular meeting of The Central Iowa Bloggers(CIB).   I was visiting with Sandy Renshaw and Claire Celsi about how much younger the crowd is getting.  That is a good thing. However, I'm expecting somebody to come up to me and ask (loudly), "So do you have a COMPUTER?"   I'm prepared with an answer, "Yes, and I also have AOL at 56K!Here's a short video, where you get to see our new friend Kayla Craig doing interviews, from last Friday in case you missed the post

If this article by Clark Kauffman of The Des Moines Register doesn't make you crazy(er) then nothing will.  It's about the abuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funds by the Iowa Alcoholic Division and names for former agency head Lynn Walding, who was not re-appointed by Governor Chet Culver, and who now works for Diageo PLC "the world's leading liquor, beer and wine company".  Included in the article is the statement that the reason the governor did not outright fire Walding was because Attorney General Tom Miller's office said there was not sufficient reason for a termination and the Governor had to wait until the appointment was up.  Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?  In a state that can fire people for wearing different colored socks (think Right to Work) you mean the state could not fire this clown? 

And the story isn't over.  Also on Friday, State Auditor, David Vaudt sends a letter to the governor saying because of the "leak" to The Des Moines Register his office will no longer send advance reports to the Governor.  Trouble is...  The leak did not come from the Governor's Office according to Clark Kauffman and The Register.  David Vaudt has been seen by many as a fair and reasonable voice.  That, we think, is over and David is simply playing politics on this one.  Your thoughts?

Me?  My head is spinning...

I found this piece by Walt Shotwell to be not only moving but also so well written.  Walt has always told a great story...but this look back to 1945 was exceptional.  Thanks to Cityview for giving Mr. Shotwell voice...again.

This week Insight on Business,our Monday - Thursday news/webcast about advertisingWebCastOneLive image and marketing, has three guests all from the world of marketing and branding.  Josh Fleming from Lessing-Flynn is with us on Tuesday doing a special on the "Battle of the Brands", Wednesday it's Andrew B. Clark from Love-Scott and The Brand Chef then on Thursday Mike Wagner from The White Rabbit Andrew b clark Group is in studio.  The message:  If you are serious about your business, large or small, come by to watch/listen and learn.  Insight on Business with Michael Libbie 12:00 Noon and only on WebcastOne LIVE. (That's Andrew B. Clark is in the photo.)

About a month ago I stopped doing a blog about faith issues.  For a couple of years I wrote Jewish Life in Des Moinesfor my congregation.  When a "new group" came to power at what was the most interesting congregational meeting I've ever seen (political conventions have nothing over religious conventions) I gave up the blog and the website work figuring the "new leadership" might wish to use it.  They haven't and I miss that side of the "ministry" so..."we're putting the BLOG back together" but it's not affiliated with any congregation.  It is a random look at faith issues and perhaps you'll come by to learn a little.  Mixing politics, religion and marketing?  Yikes!!Downspout

It's raining this morning in Des Moines.  We've been dry for about four days and it looks like the next four days we've got wet weather.  Concerns for flooding continue.  I failed to wash "Pearl" those four days...putting it off until "tomorrow". Look at it this way,  I saved some money....

Speaking of "wet" gotta get somebody over to look at the basement.  It's NOT a swimming pool but it is "moist".  Mongo not like "moist" in  basement.  I'm thinking Midwest Basement Systems...mostly because I hear their ads ALL THE TIME.  See, top of mind  Anybody know them?

Going to push this out the soggy door.  Have a great holiday!


















Central Iowa Bloggers (Video)

The first Friday of the month, started early in the morning, people begin to gather at Panera Bread on University in West Des Moines for the regular 'meeting' of the Central Iowa Bloggers.  It's not really a "meeting", there is no agenda, it's just a chance for folks to meet and share ideas and trends outside of the digital world.  Here is a really short video from this morning.


That was Kayla Craig from The Des Moines Register who is the Business Mobile Lori Murga Journalist visiting with Lori Murga a glass artist from Just Beadiful.  Check her social media designs!

Also met first time CIB attendees Charlie Ahern from California, Johnny Craig now from Des Moines and Robert Hidajat from Ames.  And, of course, there were many of the usual suspects.  If you've got an interest in networking with those of us who take business blogging seriously...come on by.  Even if we're not all that serious.

Follow me on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV thanks for coming by.



Business the Internet & You

The other day on our news/webcast, Insight on Business, I shared with our viewers fiveBusiness Open sign trends when it comes to your business and the Internet.  The bottom line is there are many ways and reasons to get your product or service in front of consumers using the Internet...if you're willing to work at it.  Ready?  Here we go:

On-Line Search = Off-Line Buys - Pay attention to the "digital experience" consumers have when they come to your site.  Why?  Forrester Research estimates that $917 billion worth of retail sales in 2009 were “Web-influenced.” That's in contrast to $155 billion of consumer goods sold on-line in the same year.  In simple language,  most people come to your website to learn more about your product/service and then make the buy off-line.  Think of it as an extension of a well merchandised brick and mortar store.  Give the consumer a great digital  matters.

Life Beyond Google- Most business owners we know think buying Google Ad Words is the only ticket.  However they, and you, might be surprised to learn that Bing and Yahoo tends to, for some businesses, bring a higher click through response.  Putting "all your eggs in one basket" isn't wise with ad words.

Get Your Mobile In Gear- With the advent of smart phones more and more consumers are searching for information while away from the laptop and tower.  How does your business stack up when it comes to mobile searches?  Can consumers find you, can they navigate your site while mobile?  Don't know?   Better find out and if you need to...fix it.

Social Media & Advertising- I still have no idea why many business people fail to understand the power of social media when it comes to marketing goods and services.  Honestly, I don't get it.  With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and business blogs are all great places to market your stuff.  Tell me why you don't get it...please.

Pay to Play- I'm not one that clicks on paid advertising when doing a search.  I'm just not.  However, millions do and when you combine organic search returns with paid search returns studies show the click through rate increases dramatically.   To maximize your investment you might consider doing...both.

Thanks for coming by...connect with me on Twitter?  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV