Sunday Morning Coffee - July 11, 2010

Photo Shoots - What Many Folks Don't Know

This morning we're headed out to do a photo shoot for a client.  They are all structure shots with some inside detail images.  Our client has never experienced a professional photoMan photo framing event and, frankly most small business owners haven't' so...some surprises (perhaps):

Good Work Takes Time- Unlike amateur photographers, taking images takes...time.  Sometime the lighting alone will take most of an hour.  It isn't "point & click".

Time of the Day - Most folks realize that there is a factor of where the sun is in relationship to the quality of the image.  Days filled with sunshine isn't always the best time to click away.  Just saying...  We picked a sun-filled morning.  Yikes.

Angle and Image - This, I think, is the second most critical thing about doing photos.  Just because it "looks" good from one angle doesn't mean that it won't look better from a slightly different angle.  Again...this will take some time and of

Interior Lighting - Shooting location shots vs. indoor studio photos can be a struggle.  Some things that a client might want to have shot...may take loads of time for set up.

The Number - It's NOT uncommon to take 50 - 75 shots of the same thing.  Really.  Some clients and consumers don't get that part, "Hey you are taking dozens of photos of the same thing.  Why?"  See above, angle, lighting, framing, focus,...subtle changes can make all the difference.

The Edit - After several hours on the set comes the edit.  We switched to digital years ago and it's a great format to fix and enhance the photos.  This is one of the most critical steps in the process.  Good edit, in photos, is like good edit in video.  It can make or break the project.

Bottom line...when you see still images for products/services in magazines, on billboards or on the web know that there were hours of set up, shooting and edit that went into them.  That's just the way it is.

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