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Sunday Morning Coffee - July 11, 2010

Hope you have had an exceptional week!  Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee it's sort of like meeting a friend at the coffee shop and sitting down over a hot cup, talking about the Coffee Cu ps events of the past week and taking a peek forward. It's sort of like that...  So, grab a cup and let's visit.  And, because it's a conversation feel free to comment (below), send me an e-mail or visit with me on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie.  Let's go...

Does it annoy you too?  You know "that voice" the cell companies use to tell you what buttons to push if you want to "leave a message", "call back", "send a text" or "buy a bus ticket to Pig Flats, Arkansas"?  Five seconds of time they charge you to listen to them droll on with stuff as useful as a flight attendant telling passengers "how to use a seat belt".  Of course every "tick" is income.  Grumble.

Honest, I'm NOT in a bad  mood this morning.

We had a great time on Friday doing a photo shoot for our client, Main Construction builder of fine homes in Des Moines, Iowa.  Honest...these houses ROCK and Mark Main is a wonderment and a skilled craftsman.  Here is a very quick video tour of a couple of places we visited.  Thanks Amy!

Mark builds houses in all price ranges...we thought you would enjoy the tease...

From the: "I'm Thinking I Should Be Angry About This Department" The smiling faces at Hy-Vee are now asking shoppers for their birth date should you buy "sin sauce" (wine, beer or liquor).  Nobody bats an eye when I tell them I was born in 1930.  Hmmm...

Honest...I am, not yet, in a bad mood...

What's so cool about...Urbandale, Iowa?  Friday afternoon I had a meeting at The Urban Grill on 86th Street in Urbandale.  It's a favorite hangout to meet clients and friends.  Seven hours later I noticed I didn't have my American Express Card with me.  The only place it could be...The Urban Grill.  I walked in and Angela met me at the door.  "Michael!  You left your American Express Card here!"  Gotta love locally owned businesses.  And, if you had not noticed, shopping, eating and buying from locally owned business is on the rise.  There is a great "marketing nugget" there...if you are paying attention.

Midwest Basement Systems is a company that does TONS of advertising.  Print, radio, Midwest Basement Internet...  I hear them daily on any number of Des Moines area stations. (I can even sing part of their jingle it's so "top of mind")  They are big on "free estimates" and "call us for inspections".  So...because I need to figure out what's going on in my basement with the sump pumps (wet basement) I called their office to have them come out and tell me what's going on.  The cheery young lady said, "Sure, we can get to you in September..."  SEPTEMBER!?!???  I asked her to clarify that and she said, "Yes sir, we're booked up until about the 10th of September."   And you are STILL begging people to call you for repair/estimate work?   Anybody think I had a "good brand experience" here?   Maybe hire more folks?  Just sayin'.

Democrats in Iowa will be marking their calendars for February 6, 2012 the date set for the Iowa Caucus.  Last time out the caucus (both Democrat and GOP) was held on a Saturday which kept many from attending, this time the leaders have got it right and set it for a Monday night.  Now it will be interesting to see how many states try to jump ahead of Condo Fire DSM RegisterIowa.  The DNC has said states that do hold a primary or caucus prior to Iowa will lose 1/2 of their national convention delegates.  That didn't stop Michigan or Florida in 2008.  Stay tuned, here in Iowa the caucus is a big, big deal.

Huge fire yesterday at a condo near our offices.  We didn't get the images but the Des Moines Register has the story and the pictures.  Dozens of folks watched as the three story building burned like crazy.  Here is the link.

This weekend I pulled out "Band of Brothers".  It's an amazing film...again.Mike Wagner MPL

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I ran into my friend Jonathan Narcisse last week and we were BOTH wearing a tie.  For those of you who don't know Jonathan he is running for Governor of Iowa as an independent and has a big hill to climb.  The inside story was that whenever we'd be in the same place either I was "dressed up" or he was...never both at the same time.  Could it be a sign?

Going to pump this out the door.  Thanks for reading and for your comments and for your conversation.  On Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie thanks again!