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Sunday Morning Coffee - July 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is a look back at the past week and a look forward at some Coffee Cu ps things coming up.  Not a bunch of business here today, we'll get back to that in tomorrow's broadcast of Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, today we're chatting, over coffee, about stuff.  And, because it's a conversation you can comment below, send me an e-mail or follow me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie.  Grab a cup and let's go...

RAGBRAI XXXVIII starts today and my bride begins her journey traveling from the Missouri RIver in Sioux City to the Mississippi River east Georgie RAGBRAI of Dubuque.  For those of you not living in Iowa or familiar with RAGBRAI it's the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world.  Thousands, some peg the number at 15,000 (that's 9,000 registered riders, several thousand non-registered riders, staff and support people), will ride the 460 miles in seven days.  Here is the link to the RAGBRAI XXXVIII site.  Along the way towns large and small open up to welcome the riders and sell them...stuff.  Georgie says it's like a band of locusts rolling across the state devouring food and beverage along the way.  I'm really proud of her...we'll keep you posted.  (Here she is, along with her ridding buddy Chippy, dipping her front tire in the Mississippi at the end of a former RAGBRAI)

Some...would say it's...nuts.

The more I think about this whole deal with the USDA, Tom Vilsack, the Obama Administration, the NAACP, the Kooky Right, the Wingnut Left, FOX News and Shirley Sherrod the more ill I become.  I don't use the word "outrage" often, mostly because Sean Hannity can't string together a sentence without using it, but I think I'm there.  We've got lots of growing up to do.  Mr. starts with you or so says Keith Olberman in this great piece. (Video)  Even if you don't like  You'll learn new words.

Meanwhile, I cleaned my office.

I think I do stuff like that when I'm in a "funk".  This issue and others sort of drove me to cleaning.  Maybe it's therapy?

Staying with the "unbelievable" did you read where Goldman Sachs sent $4.3 billion of your money?  No? Here is the story from yesterdays Des Moines Register.   After reading it I had to beat back the impulse to clean the door.

Principal Park July 2010 Last Thursday night a group of us took in the Iowa Cubs baseball game.  It was a perfect night in the "near perfect" city of Des Moines.  Except the Iowa Cubs lost 8 - 4.  But it was a baseball game.  It was a super evening.  It was hanging out with friends and buying $6.50 beer!  That's nothing compared to "Big City Prices" but still, when you have to save up for a month to go to a game...  OK, I had...two.

On Tuesday night I'm speaking at Simpson College in Indianola.  The topic is business and business trends for a group of small business students.  Wanna bet I focus on how much small business owners don't know about advertising and marketing?  Hey, it's for your own good!  Thank you Renda Lutz for the invite.

I'm witholding details.  However it has to do with Enterprise Rental, the Des Moines Enterprise_logo Airport, and Customer Service.  I posted something on Twitter when I experienced nearly flawless customer service on the rental.  Enterprise picked it up on Twitter and replied in minutes. (Very good.)  Then there were "issues" with the return and I've been working with American Express for a resolution. Friday I posted, on Twitter, "Come on Enterprise don't disapoint me."  Within minutes "Kevin" was asking me for details from @EnterpriseCares.  I'll let you know how it all turns out.

My bride tells me, that while she is gone, I need to feed and water The Dogs  EVERY day.  Basement Water Sump Pump Jeeeze...picky, picky, picky.  Note:  They are not just "the dogs"...but The Dogs.

I didn't serve in the jungles of Vietnam however I'm thinking this past week the weather here in Des Moines has been like that of the Mekong Delta.  Hot, humid and torrents of rain.  Which has gotten my attention because the contractor at our house either "forgot" or "failed" to correctly install the air-conditioning unit and the sump pumps.  We're not moved in yet but...just wondering...will Black Mold really hurt you?  And "Radon...ShmayDon"?

Aren't you impressed at my calm nature?   I'm telling you it's the clean office.

For those of you who have never done it...or had a child do it...this piece might not make sense.  It is from the Des Moines Register and it's about corn detasseling.  When I read the headline I thought back years ago to when our son Aaron took a job detasseling.  My memory is getting him up at the crack of dawn and driving him to the pick up point, lunch in hand.  I suspect his memory is even more clear about that hot, muddy job. 

Thanks for coming by for  a read...have a great Sunday.  Back tomorrow with more attention to business.