Sunday Morning Coffee - July 18, 2010
Sunday Morning Coffee - July 25, 2010

Three Advertising Lessons

During our news/webcast, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, we have a segment on the "Worst Ad of the Week".  We comb the magazines, newspapers, Web, TV and radio to find some outstanding piece that speaks to a lesson we can share with our Man Rabbit ad clients...and you.  This week was no different.

The goal here isn't to "call out" bad is a way to help business do better.  And us to be more watchful over what we do. 

This is a direct mail piece from New Products Showcase that went to business owners in the "specialty advertising business" sharing with them eighteen trade shows in the Midwest where (we think) they will see new products to sell.   A couple of quick points and help notes:

  • What the heck is this about?  A "Man-Rabbit"?  Sometimes creative can get into the way of the message. (Inside we have a "Man-Pineapple".) We're lost.
  • When opened the inside portion is upside down. Lots of folks, and we were once guilty of, use mass off-site printers for direct mail and general printing.  The problem (and we too learned the hard way) is that staff can not be there for the print run to make sure the piece prints correctly.  You solve that by buying local printing and caring enough to be there to check on things.
  • If you Google "Man-Rabbit" you learn about an Urban Legend and "Bunny-Man" who is said to dress up like a rabbit and chase people in Fairfax County, VA with an...axe.  Here is the link.  Nice image huh? let's review some basics:

Don't let "creative" overshadow the message.

Buy your printing locally so you can actually watch the print's the little things.

A little "background check" might be a good idea before you pick a "spokes-rabbit"?

But, least we're talking about it..right?  Thanks for coming by.

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