Sunday Morning Coffee - July 11, 2010
Why THIS Campaign is Different

Want Effective Advertising?

For years we've watched companies fail in their advertising program because they cut corners and their radio, television, print or electronic ad fails to be effective.  For some reason the majority of medium and small businesses think that great creative is "too Creative Light Bulb expensive".  "It's a nice idea Michael, but how much time and talent will that take?"

My new answer:  "Enough to be effective.  That is what you want...isn't it?"

So, does great creative mean the advertising message will be effective?  Yes and I've got proof.  (Gosh, I love it when I'm right!)

One of the stories on my news/webcast, Insight on Business, referenced a new study released by IPA, Thinkbox and the Gunn Report.  They say (and I've said for decades) there is a direct link between creativity and effectiveness.  The survey, which looked at ad campaigns from 2002 through 2008 measured effectiveness (the ability to drive business things like sales, market share, profits and consumer loyalty). 

They found that award winning ads that were loaded with creativity were 11 times more effective.  Eleven times...

Let's see...if you spend $3,000 on creating a local, small business campaign loaded with creativity it is eleven times more effective than the junk one usually sees.  The junk?  You know, when the TV station or Radio Station or print publications says,  "Creative?  Don't worry, we do that"

I do love it when I'm right.

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