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Sunday Morning Coffee - July 18, 2010

Why THIS Campaign is Different

I'm not sure you could find an advertising campaign that has ever created this much "buzz" in such a short amount of time.  The integrated Old Spice Body Wash Campaign is a lesson for marketers and business owners on how to take a tired, worn out brand name and infuse it with such vigor that even folks who are not connected with social media marketing know of the campaign.


The ad campaign began this spring and featured actor Isaiah Mustafa and some neat digital editing.  The "Old Spice Body Wash Man" feared nothing as he was shown moving from one daunting task to the other.  "No sweat."   The broadcast ad clicked, it was effective, because (OK business owners pay very close attention...) it was different, it was creative and it was entertainingFor a refresher on those items here is a link to the post about how creative is responsible for effective.

The agency then went where none other dared...Social Media.   In a NEW way.

They began getting messages directed to Mustafa about his fantastic feats and three weeks ago they set up shop at a Portland Studio and began to crank out ads, often fifteen to twenty a day.  These ads spoke directly to individual people and who had communicated with the campaign via Facebook and Twitter.  Here is a sample:

Fantastic, amazing and social media marketing taken to a new level.

Effective?  Consider this.  The other evening I was sitting with a pretty broad mix of ten individuals.  Men and women with in various income levels ranging in age from 11 to 80.  While the clear majority, six, were NOT familiar with the campaign...four were.  And the eleven year-old was NOT one of them.

Give them all another...week.

In a world where everything is moving faster and faster this campaign fits.  I don't know of any other major, tired, old brand that has captured this much attention this quickly.  The bonus...they are doing it with a demographic that is designed to take the place of the aging group Old Spice once represented.  They have been on this for several years...but this attempt...works.

Will it MAKE people buy the product?  Will SALES go up?  Will people switch?  I believe...yes.  Remember...this is NOT a high price point item and, if you read the article about creative = effective it will work.

Welcome to something...new, fun and fast.