Sunday Morning Coffee - July 4, 2010
Photo Shoots - What Many Folks Don't Know


Yesterday was the 4th of July a wonderful national holiday.  Today is "The Day After".  One question...  You Open?

Yesterday my bride and I had "stuff to look at" for the house so it was off to the "Big BoxClosed Sign Stores".   We also needed several other things that we were going to buy.  However those businesses had signs on them saying they were, "Closed Through Monday".


I was reminded of my friend Hal Becker who wrote "Can I Have Five Minutes of Your Time?"  It's a sales success story that propelled Hal to the top sales spot with Xerox at the age of 22.  In one of the stories he tells of when it snowed a blizzard he decided he would work because, "...nobody else was out in the weather."  He had the best sales day of his career.   (If you've not yet read it...get it.)

Yesterday and today there are shoppers out there looking to buy.  This morning, on Facebook and Twitter I was reading about people wanting to go out to buy cars, dishes, even a new house.  The question is, "Are you there when the people are?"

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