Sunday Morning Coffee - August 29, 2010
A Video of Trade Show Problems

Market Like a Rock Star...

Very early last week Des Moines, Iowa radio stations were buzzing about ticket give-a-Eagles LP Jacket way contests for The Eagles who will be coming to the Wells Fargo Arenaon October 24th.  In addition there have been ads promoting the event on TV, Radio, print media and blogs.  Two things:

The Eagles - October 24th.

Here we have two realities - 1)  October 24th is two months away, 2)  Who doesn't know of The Eagles?

I bring those two realities to the surface because there are still business owners and marketing departments of businesses that "think" all they have to do to promote their relatively unknown product or service is to, "Run a couple of ads in the newspaper, do a week on the radio and we're gonna sell stuff like crazy."

"Crazy" is the important word in that sentence.

I once had a (former) client tell me, "Now that we're runnin' them TV ads for the Grand Opening I've sent out the word that we're gonna have to hire more people to sell our stuff!"

I had to, once again, share reality with him.  (Maybe that's why we don't represent them anymore?)

If The Eagles, whom everybody over the age of 30 would know, and their promoters and venues are taking the time to smother the Des Moines DMA with advertising messages 60 days prior to their "Grand Opening" do you really think a spend of $1,000 in six days to market an event or a product that is obscure will work?

If so...maybe YOU should let me know YOUR secret.  Honest...I'm listening.

You can learn much...from a Rock Star...



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