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Sunday Morning Coffee - August 29, 2010

Scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind...   Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee where I Coffee Cu ps take a look at the week that was and look forward to the coming week.  It's an opportunity to leave business for a day and make like we're sitting around our favorite country (or city) cafe talking about...stuff.   We'll get back to business tomorrow but for now...  Have a sip?

We did it.  We closed on our house last Friday.  For nearly five years we've had the pleasure of living in a beautiful townhouse and left the outside chores to others (well, when they would cut the grass and trim and paint and...)    While we're only moving 1.2 miles away it might as well be 300.  The packing is pretty much the same.  More later...

I'm always amazed at who turns up on Facebook.  This past week I re-connected with a person I'd not seen or heard from for over 20 years.   How do you use Facebook?  Business FlagRemington or Personal?  Or both?  Wait....I got sidetracked!

Speaking of houses -  Susie and Barry Raymond of Fort Dodge continue to live on our acreage and not make house payments...for months and months.  Yes, we're trying to get this resolved and have them evicted or pay up, but it's a process.  Their attorney, a David Isaacson of West Des Moines, isn't so great at "communication",  the last letter I saw from him was dated June 17.   Last week I sent a letter to the Iowa State Bar Association maybe somebody there can light a fire under somebody and get things rolling.  You've got my number David...and man, have I got yours.

On to more pleasant things...

I see that Paris Hilton got busted last week.  Yawn.

In one of the  most snarky editorials I've seen Cityview, the rack distributed "alternative" RAGBRI 2010newspaper in the Des Moines market, took a swipe at RAGBRAI last week.  RAGBRAI, for those of you who just went "Huh?" is the Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.   It is billed as the largest biking event in the world.  And a week doing 435 miles and nearly 15,000 rider it may be.  However, You can almost feel the glee in the Shane Goodman editorial piece as he takes on the Des Moines Register, his favorite target, and writes about the 28 deaths that have occurred during the 38 years of the event saying that law enforcement and the Iowa Department of Transportation have "suggested" that RAGBRAI limit the number of riders.  Shane's real frustration is, "millions of dollars in registration fees" garnered by the Register.   If not he would have been much Decostermore bold:  Shane, we've been thinking, in the past 14 years (not 38) there have been 6,321 traffic deaths recorded by the Department of Transportation.  Maybe if we banned driving in Iowa and resorted to... bicycles?

If you've not been keeping up on the "Tainted Iowa Egg" story...where the heck have you been?  The only good thing about the Iowa Public Relations/Branding train wreck is we've identified an excuse:  Austin "Jack" Decoster is now the image we're going to use to deflect the damage to Iowa Agriculture.   Trouble is...Iowa Agriculture knew about Mr. Decoster and his "business model" for years.  Yet...  Here is a sample from RootsWire.

Speaking of agriculture, we're headed to Boone, Iowa and the Farm Progress Show( #FPS10 for you Twitter users) this week...along with thousands of our best friends.  WhileBooth Shot w Flo web insight Farm Progress (the magazine) doesn't release attendance figures, and that's wise because if you live by the numbers, you die by the numbers...ask the folks at The Iowa State Fair, the economic development folks in Decatur, Illinois (the other permanent home for the show) say that in 2007 there were 150,000 attending.  I was there and believe it was also the hottest on record.  Bottom line, lots to stuff to see and people to meet.  Our reason for being there is long term client Calcium Products will have a booth in the Varied Industries Tent...and there is an "ag Tweet-Up" in the VIP building.  Search #FPS10 for Todd Razor details. 

Gotta go...pack.  And move.  And pack and move and...you get the idea.   Say, tomorrow it's Todd Razor from the Des Moines Young Professionals during our Metro Monday edition of Insight on Business with Michael Libbie.  That's Noon Central only on Webcast One LIVE.

Thanks for coming by, I monitor Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie, @InsightADV and @RuralLifeRadio during the week.  Maybe we can pick up the discussion there or leave a comment below?