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The "Inventory Problem" for Local Advertisers

Planning on doing some local radio or television advertising for the 4th Quarter?  Here is something you might want to think about.Tally sheet

If you have a local business and you were planning on running local television or radio in September and October...forget it.  You may not be able to afford the cost.  Why?   Record spends are coming our way for the Mid-Term Elections and broadcast facilities will be covered up with political advertising...covered up and that means they have little inventory.  What that means for you are higher prices if you can get in.  We've been told, across the country, that broadcast facilities are charging 30 to 40 percent over rate card.

So....want some suggestions on what you should do?   There are tons of alternatives if you get started now.  What?

  • Get your social media house in order, build a plan and start...NOW;
  • Include video work for YouTube and include it in your blog (you have one right?);
  • Look for "lesser known" broadcast options; (I'd tell you Webcast One Live but better not);

There is an advantage of "going small" with lesser known broadcast'll have center stage and not be crowded out.  That, in itself, is worth something.


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