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Sunday Morning Coffee - August 22, 2010

Using Video for Your Business - How To

The other day on our business television webcast Insight on Business with Michael Libbie I shared several tips about how to use video to improve your marketing MPL Flip position.  When you put sight and sound together people notice.  That is the magic of television.  And that's why we at Webcast One LIVE went to both an audio and visual platform. 

But, what about you?  Can you afford to use video to promote your business?  The answer is YES!  Here is a short clip on how we use it and it should make sense for you.

For more information on the Flip Video Cam here is their website.

Here are the points I made in the video:

  • Buy the best equipment you can afford;
  • Know and master the edit;
  • Sound is critical, if you have a soft voice go with an external mic;
  • What should you shoot?   You have a story...right?
  • The power of the testimonial in video.


Thanks for coming by and let's hope this help your business get noticed!