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Sunday Morning Coffee - August 15, 2010

Worst of the Week

 On our daily, Monday - Thursday television adventure, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, seen only at Webcast One LIVE,  we usually take our Thursday afternoon webcastWebCastOneLive image web and share with you an ad, campaign or brand that, in our opinion, is "The Worst of the Week". 

I failed to do that yesterday so, we are going to make amends by offering you TWO selections for  "The Worst of the Week". 

First, let's stay local with Kum & Go:

Name Our Cup On the heels of the successful promotion "Morning Face", where consumers uploaded photos of their morning faces to a microsite, www.fightmorningface.com, for the chance to win a Kum & Go gift card and prize pack, (and the opportunity to be mocked for all time) Kum & Go came up with this forgettable "Name Our Cup" adventure.  While "Morning Face" was fun, engaging and targeted this promotion is/was, in our opinion, the result of trying to be as vague as possible on the heels of something that worked.

Let's look at what we think is a national mistake with Target:

There are so many things wrong with the "Up and Up" branding effort by Target that it's hard to stay focused...but, I'll do my best:

So, let's review "Up and Up":

  • Vague - What the hell does "Up and Up" mean?
  • Vague - Why make consumers search for WHAT the product...is?
  • Vague- Sending out promotional items that requires magnifying glasses to read.

We didn't/don't like it...it seems...vague.

Target has the "brand capital" to do something better than this.  Here, we think, they come off looking more like Wal-Mart than Target.  "But, Michael it is supposed to look generic."  Target spends millions to NOT be generic and then they do...this?   Consider the Method brand...sexy and sharp.   That's where Target should have gone.

But then...nobody asked us.