Sunday Morning Coffee - September 5, 2010
Sunday Morning Coffee - September 12, 2010

A Sample of our Work - Insight on Business

Because our office is closed Thursday and Friday we thought you might like to see what we've been up to with our business program, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie.  It's loaded with information and tips to help your business in these economic times...or any.  Enjoy...  Catch you on Sunday with Sunday Morning Coffee.

Insight on Business with Michael Libbie is our walk through the world of advertising,WebCastOneLive image marketing and consumer trends.  We do this show Monday - Thursday LIVE only on Webcast One LIVE.  You can catch the re-broadcasts here following the show at Noon Central.  Our goal is to shed some light on business marketing, offer up some solid tips and help your business...thrive. Here is the show from today, links follow after the video.



Open Sign Neon I want to revisit our closing moments from's that important as we go into the Fourth Quarter.   Why?  Because if you listen to what I'm telling you your business just might survive and you'll still have the "Open" sign on your door in the Second Quarter of 2011.

Two experiences last night forced me into thinking about location, habits and where we do business.  I met David and Vivian Howard the new owners of Bennigans  (on Twitter it's @BennigansDSM) of Des Moines (Army Post Road) and the Best Western, same location.  Remember when WBBM-TV a Chicago CBS affiliate told the nation all the Bennigans were closing?  Me too.  What one story did and...that story is two years old. That and a quick story about Jasper Winery and the surprise they had for me.  No it wasn't Katie Bradshaw...but that was nice too. what else is happening?

Are you a manager?   Are you a good manager?  Do you worry about being a good manager?  If you answered "Yes" to the third question you very well might be a good manager.  Today we'll share with you the 7 Signs You May Be a Bad Manager and what to do about it.  Ready?  Here is the article from Steve Tobak for reference.

A related question for you:  "How often do you review your own development and performance as a leader?"  We'll share the results of a recent poll and give you a couple of tips that you can to get started.

We're not in for our "Worst Ad of the Week" tomorrow so we thought we'd let you seeMatthew McConaughey ad our pick for this week.  It is a national ad for the fragrance "The One Gentleman" by Dolce & Gabbana.   For years we've had to endure air-brushed photos of beautiful women, who were beautiful BEFORE the air-brushing.  Now Matthew McConaughey has been...ahhhh....made thinner?   Really...he's already a good looking guy but just not thin enough for the brand?   A pleasure to bring you the WORST AD OF THE WEEK!

Think your advertising budget is...large?   How about the news that Campell's Soup is rolling out a new $100 million campaign focused on the tag:  "It's Amazing What Soup Can Do."  Now, consider this:   Here we have a huge company and a well known brand that has been around FOREVER...and THEY are spending $100 million on the creative for TV, Print and radio without touching the actual ad buys.   Now, let's visit again about how important it is for your small or medium size business to advertise and market a nearly obscure product or service.   Am I asking for $100 million?  No...but let's be reasonable about the effort you're going to have to make to make  Oh, one other nugget - The voice for the new campaign...Tim Allen is back again today!!   Yesterday it was Chevy, today Soup!   And, because we don't want you to WAIT to see the ad, here you go:

Amazing huh?  Which brings to mind:  Are you placing your TV ads on YouTube?   Why not?

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