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Sunday Morning Coffee - September 5, 2010

A Video of Trade Show Problems

If you're in business it's a safe bet that you're running to trade shows.  Either as an attendee or as an exhibitor.  I've done it bothFEMA Showcase  ways.  I have attended and been responsible for hundreds of trade shows during my career.  I've seen the good, bad and downright ugly when it comes to marketing products and services.  When you have a poor exhibit and poorly trained people exhibiting your product or service it's a huge waste of time, talent

If you exhibit at one show a year maybe you can afford to screw up and do it badly.  However, most companies I know exhibit several times during the year often making trade show marketing one of their largest advertising investments. 

And the majority exhibit and work the trade show...poorly.

Here is a video I shot at the Farm Progress Show showing some examples of what not to do. (It's not a knock on agriculture, I've seen the same problems at trade shows for aircraft, industry, construction, plastics, banking, consumer goods, equine events...on and on and on.)

Meanwhile, here is a video of some pretty good booths and workers.  Not perfect...but parts of each are excellent.


So, what about you?  Need some help in proper planning and execution of your trade show program?   I bet you do...and I know that if you follow our advice you'll see an immediate return on your trade show investment.  (Which by the way can be a huge portion of your advertising and marketing investment.)

Let's do it right?