Sunday Morning Coffee - September 12, 2010
Using Video For Your Brand: When?

Speaking & Listening

I'm convinced that professional speakers need to listen more.  Yesterday I had the RE Max Logo opportunity to engage Des Moines Metro Real Estate Agents from RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts on the power of personal branding using traditional and non-traditional media.

I learned a bunch...

I learned that to be successful a real estate agent needs to have between ten to twenty listings.  I had no idea.

I learned that real estate agents are really Independent Contractors so their personal brand is as critical as the brand they work with.   Did you know that?

I learned about "short sales", banks and foreclosure and new ways to stop a foreclosure and work with the system, if you have a good real estate lawyer who is working with your agent.

I hope the group I spoke to learned as much I did.  It's not always's also listening.

Thanks for the invite Robb Spearman...and thanks for giving me more knowledge than I had BEFORE I was honored to address your company.

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