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Sunday Morning Coffee - September 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is a chance for you and I to visit about things other than businessCoffee Cu ps , I'll get back to that tomorrow.  In the meantime, and because it's a conversation, I'm interested in your take on my scattered thoughts...so feel free to comment below, send me an e-mail or engage me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie.  So, what's been rolling around in my cluttered mind?  Here's a little Sunday Morning Coffee:

9/11 snuck up on me.  Between Labor Day two days of Rosh Hashanna and the Sabbath it was suddenly here.   When I was a kid I remember December 7th was a major day of remembrance around our home.  Yesterday was a Twin Towers Second Strike bit like that.  A day that has changed us all.  

I suspect most of us remember where we were and what we saw nine years ago.  I'll never forget the confusion as I watched the horror take place live on ABC - Good Morning America.  Nobody knew and everybody was guessing, "There is one report, as yet unconfirmed, that a plane has hit the World Trade Center.", said Charlie Gibson.   Here is the video from that morning.  And then we all watched the second strike and most of us were glued to the news for days.   It's good to remember...

Some other thoughts...

I didn't get to see it but the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game was a bit one-sided as the Hawkeyes routed the Cyclones 35 to 7.  Next year.

Agriculture is so cutting edge - Here is a great story from the Des Moines Register about an expanding business, Hy-Capacity out of Humboldt, Iowa and what they are doing to improve their business, hire more workers and improve the environment.  Nice job Steve Olson and crew...very nice!

Habitat for Humanity ReStore logo If you read much of this, you know we've been moving into our new home.  Along with more space comes...more work.  I had never been to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore before...but WOW!   I have a new best friend.  Fixtures, paint, shutters, doors...what a place.  If you are in the Des Moines Area that is the link to their website and location.  If you are in another city, here is the link to their Store Finder.  Go...it's amazing.  Nearly new toilet, to replace the "pink" one in a bath...$25!  And, the funds go to a good cause.  Check it out...

Moving also creates..."The Search".   Everything is hard to find, no matter how good we were with labels on boxes.  Grumble....

Farm Crawl 2010 - A Heads Up:  If you've never been...you must go.  This is the 4th Annual Farm Crawl, a rural experience that's great for you and your family.  This celebrationFarm Crawlof small farming goes on in Marion and Lucas counties (South and East of Des Moines) on Sunday, October 3.  Here is the Farm Crawl LINK...   Sponsors are an unlikely pair:  Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Marion Farm Bureau.  The seven farm tour is free and fun.  Just go...K?

Jonnie Wright I'm excited.  Tomorrow Insight on Business with Michael Libbie has as our Metro Monday Edition guest Jonnie Wright, The (Un) Secret Shopper.  Jonnie is the Metro's most feared shopper and consumer advocate.  His "shopping trips" are a great read for those of you who are concerned with customer service and what goes on...when somebody is watching.  Join us Monday at Noon Central as we find out the good, bad and downright ugly about Metro Shopping and Customer Servicewith Jonnie Wright...this will be good stuff.  Watch, listen and chat only on Webcast One LIVE!

OK...that's it for today.  Sorry, it's just a half-a-cup.  My bride has a "To Do List" that's a mile long and it's already 7:30AM!  Gotta go...  Again, comment below, or on Facebook or catch me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie.  Thanks for coming by and thanks for reading!