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Sunday Morning Coffee - September 26, 2010

Got time for a cup?  Sunday Morning Coffee isn't so much aboutCoffee Cu ps  business as it is a collection of scattered thoughts...from a cluttered mind.  It's a look at the week gone by and a peek at the week we've started.   We'll get back to business tomorrow with the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, seen and heard on Webcast One LIVE.  But...for now...because I'm interested in your comments feel free to leave one, send me an e-mail or let's carry on the conversation at Twitter: @MichaelLibbie.  Let's get started...

The Iowa Farm Bureau, the agricultural wing of the Iowa Republican Soviet Collective Farm Party, endorsed three Democrats or 4% of the folks running for office this fall.  I was shocked.  What the heck are they thinking?  Three Democrats from a field of 133 state and local candidates!  Watch, those "commie libs" will take over the Farm Bureau if we don't protect it.  That's the way they work...little by little.  They weasel themselves into power and before you know it...collective farms!  Here is the story from The Des Moines Register.

I see where Lindsey Lohan was arrested (again), posted bail (again) and can now go out drinking (again).  You or me?  Slammer for years.

Speaking of "slammer" this is a no-win deal.  The young man from Nebraska who swerved into oncoming traffic, struck and killed four motorcycle riders and who had a blood alcohol level of 0.37 (four times the legal limit) could get 100 years.  The entire story is a sad and tragic end to five lives.

On a much more positive note:  My friends Marsha and Jeff Levitt along with their children Ari and Rafi just opened up The Oasis (Mediterranean inspired food) a very cool, intimate restaurant on 4th Street in the Court Avenue District of Des Moines.  Wanna see?  Go ahead...I'll wait.


Am I allowed ONE "horn toot"?   Last Friday this video, taken during the Urbandale Chamber "Sample Urbandale" event, was shown at theNewspaper Nashville Mtg  national meeting of the Independent Free Papers of America Convention being held in Nashville.  It was, I believe, a result of my friend Ed Weintrob who may have suggested to the conference that this is an excellent example of how independent community newspapers can use video to share hyper-local events and stories on Facebook and other social media sites.  I'm honored...  And, thank you.

Not wanting to get to giddy...but the weather forecast for the Des Moines, Iowa area says SUNNY for the next five days.  After the rain we've had this summer even three days of sun is neat.  But FIVE?  

Jason ParkinBy the way, if you live in Des Moines you might be interested in a hyper-local weather station from Meteorologist, Jason Parkin.  Jason worked (sometimes still does) at WHO-TV13 and KCCI-TVB.  We recently met up and he'll be my guest tomorrow for the Metro Edition of Insight on Business with Michael Libbie.   We'll find out how much he really owes the University of Iowa and Iowa State University.  Jason Parkin on hyper-local tomorrow at Noon Central.

Speaking of KCCI - Rates Card Price (after the elections) for a thirty-second ad in the 10:00PM News: $700Yes, they really liked the recent Nielsen Media Survey that ranked them as Number One (17/37) in the 10:00PM "news race".  (There are 432,310 TV Households in the Des Moines/Ames DMA.) If you use broadcast TV and you've paid attention we told you prices would be stiff, before and after the election...we were a little surprised at HOW stiff...but, that's business.

Mostly negative.  That's the buzz going on regarding the recent congregional hearing centered on salmonilia tainted eggs coming out of Jack DeKoster's Wright County Egg Farm.  Mr. Dekoster didn't do much for himself in his testimony to the Bruce Braley(D-IA) vice-chaired committee.  It was "classic" DeKoster, "I'm sorry, we'll work on it and I prayed about it."  Please...Denison Iowa Crawford County

Looking ahead - This week I get to speak to small business students at Simpson College.  The focus will be on media planning, new media opportunities and branding.  Looking forward to it.  Next week it's on to Denison, Iowa for an Economic Development Breakfast with the Chamber and Development Council of Crawford County.  I'll be talking about advertising and why adding social media to traditional media is critical for small business and hyper-local attention. Thank you Don Luensmann for the invite!

OK...going to put this's already 7:15AM on Sunday Morning!  Did I mention SUNSHINE!??!?!??!!!  Thanks for reading...