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Sunday Morning Coffee - September 5, 2010

The pot is on!  Sunday Morning Coffee is a collection of scatteredCoffee Cu ps  thoughts from my cluttered mind.  Some business but mostly short musings on the happenings of last week...and a peek at the coming week.  Sunday Morning...a great time to visit.  And, because it's a conversation I'm interested in your take.  You can leave a comment here or send me an e-mail or visit me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie.  Grab your cup...let's go!

Labor Day Weekend - I got to thinking about this while putting up the CIO_logo American Flag late Friday afternoon.  It's the holiday that, today, seems to have lost it's meaning.  My Grandfather wouldn't be pleased.  Frank Gausche (OBM) was a union organizer for the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in the 1930's and 1940's.  Those, according to my Mother, were the "tough years".  "He would come back from Chicago battered and bruised but determined to fight for the working man and woman."  I don't remember my Grandfather, he died the year I was born...but oh the stories.  Today Unions are, to many, the enemy, the picture of graft and corruption...and that's sad.  If it were not for folks like my Grandfather you would be working 60 - 70 hours a week for peanuts, no weekends or holidays off...and benefits?  Forget it.   Labor Day...thanks Zaydee for your efforts and for helping to improve the lives of millions.

I love it when employees of any business go out of there way to serve.  Friday, afterNeris Car Wash being at the Farm Progress Show, I took "Pearl" to Mister Car Washat 86th and University in Clive.  This is a photo of Neris, the guy who greets customers and asks which wash you want to buy.  After  making my selection Neris said, "Thank you sir.  Is there anything else that I can do to help or assist you?"  I was...amazed.  An employee asking a customer if he could do...more than his job?  Memo to the suits:  You STILL think that YOU are in control of your BRAND?  Nah... it's the workers.  When you "get that" you'll drive business and your brand to new highs.

Speaking of the Farm Progress Show -

I know...silly and stupid.  (But at least I am willing to share.)  We did make it out of the parking lot, thanks to a golf cart shuttle worker roaming the isles with us, but were late to our next shoot by ten minutes.  Memo to self - Write down the Parking Row Number!

I feel like a Bedouin - without the goats.  "The Move" is over.  We recently purchased a home 1.2 miles from our other home.  "The Move" took nearly four days mostly AFTER working hours.  Thursday morning at 4:30AM we packed the last load.  My bride decided it was best to stay up and go to work.  I got three hours of sleep before heading to the Farm Progress Show where I had to appear "bright".  Key word...appear.  I do not want to do this...again...ever.  Now, if I could just find my underwear...

Of course there are other things missing that I might find in January...like my reading glasses.  I stopped at Target in Urbandale to pick up a pair so I could...SEE.  The Foster Grant glasses are nice however, somebody at Foster Grant failed to understand packaging and their core customer.  Watch this:

I've seen this dozens of times.  What happens is that business focuses on the look, the ease of display, the "bright and shinny" and forgets Max Crabb Flag about the consumer.  You have a story like that?   Send it to me...love to hear from you.

Tip of the Hat to our producer Maxwell Crabb for guest hosting my show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie over at Webcast One LIVE.  Hard to be in several places at the same time and...because the show is...LIVE it's difficult to be gone.   His guest was Cortney Tompkins and I'm sure the two of them caused our ratings to go way up!  Thanks Max...you rock!

I'll be calling on Max or another host for this Thursday.  It's Rosh Hashana the Jewish New Year (nope...no party hats and horns - to some that will be very funny...).  It is one of the holiest days of the Jewish Calendar and I'll be in Mason City at Adas Israel where I've done monthly services for the past 26 years.  For those of you marking and observing the New Year... L'shana Tova!  For those of you wanting to know more...ask...or you can read this.

Ed Raygun My friend Ed Weintrob from Coney Media in Brooklyn (New York) will enjoy this piece of news out of Des Moines.  Seems his favorite t-shirt maker Raygun, who produces humor oriented t-shirts with an "Iowa theme" got in some hot water with the city of Waterloo.  City officials and critics said they went "too far".  The shirt that was printed with, "Waterloo - You may recognize us from COPS."  City leaders said it was offensive, Raygun said OK and pulled the shirts after printing only 24.  Here is the complete story from the Des Moines Register. That's Ed with his daughter on a recent Iowa trip wearing some shirts from Raygun.  Told you he was a fan.

Our granddaughter, Taylor, came over to do a "sleep over" last night.  Shhhhh...she's still sleeping!   I thought with all the boxes, and stuff all over the place from "The Move" she would freak...but then again her Mom and Dad just moved....too.  Bedouins I tell you.   But, she does have this really neat baby monitor that makes "wave" sounds like at a beach complete with birds.  Gotta get me one....

Sec. Northey Remember when I wrote about my friend, Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey and the Iowa Egg Issue?  I said this would land, somehow, at his feet.  Yep.  Bloggers are all over it with some scathing editorial.  Here is a sample from Bleeding Heartland.  Contrary to the editorial Secretary Northey has spoken at length about the issue and soon after it happened.  I spoke directly to Dustin Vande Hoef and then listened in as Mr. Northey explained the facts of the case.  We're trying to re-book the Secretary for an upcoming program...keep you in the loop.

Going to put this out....before Sunday Morning gets away.  As always, interested in your comments so you can leave one here, send me an e-mail or we can do this on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie.  Thanks for reading and have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!!