Takin' It To The Streets
Sunday Morning Coffee - September 26, 2010

Using Video For Non-Profits

Actually, using video for any business is a great idea to help spread the word.  But, usually non-profits don't have the time or resources to have somebody come in and create content for their website or for their blog.  (If you have a non-profit you are blogging...right?)   Here is an example of showing a good time and getting out a message using some high profile people in a community.  This is Sample Urbandale a fund raising program of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.


It's quick, gets across the fact that people who belong to the Urbandale Chamber have a good time....and it's inexpensive.  The entire edit and posting took less than an hour.   Non-Profit Groups...use it...and then post it on your Blog, Facebook and link out on Twitter. 

Speaking of Twitter, you can join me for the conversation there as well:  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV - Thanks for coming by, watching and reading.