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Sunday Morning Coffee - September 19, 2010

Using Video For Your Brand: When?

We all know that the number one search engine is...Google.  Number two is, YouTube.  And, business is noticing, reacting and taking advantage of not only YouTube but also Vimeo and a host of other video posting sites where they can build brand image.

Here are three examples of viral video, that go beyond the traditional thirty-second ad:

Swagger wagon Remember when we were raving about the Toyota "Swagger Wagon" long length commercial?  We told you then, according to a number of studies, that consumers enjoyed longer length commercials as long as they were entertaining and offered some information.  YouTube views alone, well over 1,000,000.

Another example: The Old Spice series of socialIsaiah-mustafa  media response ads created a number one brand for Old Spice Body Wash...even though the majority of ads were available on YouTubeand NEVER made it to broadcast media.  But, on YouTube they were not only seen...but shared by thousands.  Side note:  Even after the campaign, Old Spice Body Wash sales soared in July...by 30%.

The message here is: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PRODUCE THOUGHTFUL, ENTERTAINING COMMERCIAL MESSAGES THAT DO NOT RESTRICT YOU TO THIRTY-SECONDS?   Here is yet another example of what we're talking about, it is the RE/MAX "Side Job" piece that runs about 1:45.  Comments below:


Why do all of these work so well?  Because each is well scripted, well acted, well shot, well timed and each boosts the brand message. 

But, day after day, we see local and regional business make the poor decision to air lousy commercials that don't take into consideration the message, brand or the entertainment value.  Thankfully many don't post the ads on YouTube or Viemo so they spare themselves the embarrassment of having thousands more see the junk they're using.

Building thoughtful, well scripted, entertaining, well acted video isn't cheap but...it is effective.   The next time you're considering breaking into video think about this"Is my product or service worth the effort to showcase the message well or should I stick with cheep and trashy?" 

Your move... 



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